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The competition could be reaching prospects faster than you by using clean phone numbers.

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The competition could be reaching prospects faster than you by using clean phone numbers. Flagged caller IDs are blocked by carriers, while clean caller IDs get answered. Even if your calls are not being blocked, a scam likely flag could ruin your reputation while telemarketing.

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Increase Answers

Increase Answers

Consumers will not answer a number that is flagged as scam likely or spam. Carriers have even started to block flagged numbers before the call ever reaches the consumer. Proactively monitoring your caller IDs for flags will increase your answer rates.

Optimize Calling

Optimize Calling

Consumers are less likely to flag numbers they know, however, your caller ID may not be displaying the proper information. By registering your caller IDs as your business they will display your company name for the most optimal experience.

Consistent Volume

Consistent Volume

Low call volumes can lead to a drop in your agent’s productivity. Maintaining high call volumes with consistent results means you must stay on top of performance hindering factors. Monitor your phone numbers for flags to maintain consistent call volumes.

Number Management

Keeping Your Phone Numbers Clean

When consumers are confused about who is calling they may flag them incorrectly. Phone numbers that are not properly registered or configured are more susceptible to confusion. Following best practices when managing your phone numbers will lead to them lasting longer. See how you managing your phone number pools & CNAMs can improve your dialing.

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Maintain Call Volumes
Unknown Caller ID


Maintaining High Answer Rates

Your phone numbers are at risk of being flagged mainly due to call blocking apps. However, even if you are following best practices and maintain high standards while calling, you are still at risk of being flagged. Someone else could be using your phone numbers by spoofing their caller ID. Telemarketing tools won’t help you if your calls are being blocked, but ours will.

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