June 9, 2022

Webinar: Getting Your Customers to Pick Up the Phone: Why Call Transparency Is Crucial

April W Sullivan

Consumers are likely to ignore incoming calls, legitimate or not, due to scammers and robocallers. Nowadays, even businesses with a proper calling strategy find it extremely difficult to connect with clients.

Businesses should rely on call transparency to instill customer confidence in picking up the phone to combat falling connection rates.

In this webinar, “Getting Your Customers to Pick Up: Why Call Transparency Is Crucial, ” we discuss how the changes within the telecom industry make phone number management a top priority.

You will learn how your businesses can adopt techniques to become more transparent in your outbound calling strategy to increase connection rates and customer confidence.

Join April W Sullivan of Caller ID Reputation® and Matt Mizenko of RoboKiller Enterprise as they discuss:

  • What is transparency in telecom?
  • Why scammers and spam are making transparency so important.
  • How businesses like RoboKiller identify scammers and spam.
  • How businesses can avoid being mislabeled as scam.
  • How businesses can remediate and redress when they’ve been mislabeled.

Duration:1 hour

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