Webinar: The Fight Against Friction: Bringing Harmony To The Workplace

A big part of Customer Experience work is the daily battle against friction. Voice of customer identifies the main causes of friction. Experience design brings intelligent ways to eliminate that friction. Experience management unites the organization together to prevent future friction. As we succeed in stabilizing this foundation, words like engagement, innovation, and loyalty suddenly have room to exist.

It’s time to awaken our under-cover Friction Fighters. These are people scattered throughout the organization with the superpower of thinking beyond themselves. These are legacy builders who can look past the here and now. They have the same dream as us of making tomorrow a little bit better…turning the tide of negativity and restoring hope. What they need from you is guidance on how.

This session will provide suggestions on how to best identify and eliminate organizational friction. Nate will introduce “The Code of the Friction Fighter” as well as provide several best practices to align the organization on improving the lives of customers and employees alike.

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Nate Brown


Founder of CX Accelerator

Sr. Director of CX at Arise VS

April Wong


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