Call Labeling in 2023: Future proofing your business on the telephone channel

Are your call labels accurately reflecting your business?

And does your know-how reflect 2023 standards?

Executed correctly, proper call labels can increase your success rates over the phone. However, harmful or improper labels can seriously impede your results.

Based on our recent talks at SIPNOC 2023 and TAD Summit, we visit the topic of call labels in 2023 and how they influence your reputation. Join us on this webinar to learn call label management for the modern business and how it can help your organization gain a competitive advantage.

You will learn:

  • Different types of call labels
  • Call labeling in 2023
  • Differences between CNAM vs Branded Calling vs RCD
  • Insights on call labels based on our data covering thousands of business numbers
  • Observations on STIR/SHAKEN
  • Security and infrastructure requirements to know when working with other businesses

Duration: 1 hour

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Gerry Christensen


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