Call-killing Codes of Conduct: How you’re being analyzed by blocking apps

If you’re a business using the telephony channel, remember that the major carriers and regulatory bodies aren’t the only entities affecting your connection rates. Call-blocking applications are solutions for spam-weary consumers and utilize user-generated data to identify bad callers. As another piece of the industry, how they score your call behaviors will have an influence on a campaign’s deliverability.

So how do you do right by call-blockers?

Join us as we interview Matt Mizenko of Robokiller on how call-blocking apps like Robokiller analyzes calls and what this means for businesses trying to run successful outbound campaigns through the phone.

With over 12 million downloads and over 3 billion spam calls thwarted, Robokiller is a player in the telecom space that protects customers from bad callers. As a result of its large user base and direct consumer data, flags incurred on numbers from the app are taken seriously by major carriers and other entities.

In this webinar, we will discuss how Robokiller rates and grades your calls and provide insights for businesses to keep in mind to stay green in the eyes of Robokiller and other call-blocking apps. You’ll learn the Codes for Callers: tips to avoid being seen as a spammer.

Duration: 45 minutes

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