Calling Out Into the Community for Help

Non-profit organizations, political campaigns or anyone fundraising could be blocked.

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Start monitoring across all major carriers and blocking apps.

Non-profit organizations, political campaigns and anyone fundraising may need to call out to the community. Lately call blocking apps have started to cause issues though. A phone number could become flagged accidentally, causing calls to display scam likely, or be blocked altogether.

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Community Care

Proactively care for your reputation in the community when calling. Calling out with a phone number that has been flagged could cause people to not pick up. If the number shows as scam likely it could ruin your reputation and lower your authority.

Stay Productive

Increase Goals

Whether you are trying to get more voters to the polls, build larger community teams, or yield some increased funding, monitoring can help. Clean caller IDs make sure calls are getting through and people are not seeing your organization as a scam.

Get Notifications

More Teamwork

When you rely on the community for help it is important to reach more people. Get the teamwork you need with an optimized caller ID and clean phone numbers. Monitoring for flags can help keep numbers clean while a CNAM shows who you are.

Your Dialing Matters

You May Be Getting Yourself Flagged

Depending on how you call out to the community can have an impact on your phone number’s health. Dialing from the same caller ID or displaying an incorrect CNAM could get your phone numbers flagged. Eliminate confusion on calls by managing your phone numbers in groups and displaying different CNAMs for each associate or department.

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Monitor Campaigns

Remove Flagged Numbers on Calls

Your phone numbers could get flagged at any time during your campaign. Monitoring phone numbers for flags is the only way to protect your reputation when calling out to the community. Even if you are following best practices and only dialing people who want to hear from you, you could still be getting flagged. Don’t let a flagged caller ID slip through the cracks.

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Caller ID Reputation

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  • Check for flags across all major call blocking apps.
  • Upload large lists of phone numbers to check ratings.
  • Receive notifications in real time about flags.
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