Most Impacted Industries

Calls from every type of business, organization and institution are being blocked. See how we help the most impacted industries.

Call Centers
Call Center Help

Call Centers

Call centers depend on connection rates

Connections are a key performance indicator for every call center. However, flagged and blocked phone numbers lead to low connection rates. Being seen as scam likely can even hurt your reputation. Proactively monitor your caller IDs to improve connection rates & protect your reputation.

Customer Service Help

Customer Service

Keep the customer focused on service

World class service is worthless when calling out on a phone number flagged as scam likely. Protect your company’s reputation and get more calls answered by monitoring your phone numbers for flags. It’s only going to get harder to get calls through.

Customer Service
Enterprises Help


Flagged numbers can tarnish a reputation

When scammers spoof your phone numbers they can get flagged without you knowing. Flagged numbers can display as scam likely or even become blocked by carriers. Monitor your numbers to make sure calls get through and your company’s reputation remains untarnished.

Confused Patients

Confused patients flag phone numbers

Call blocking apps make it easy to flag any caller. Today, carriers are using flags to block calls from phone numbers. Confused patients could flag your phone numbers as spam, lowering your chances of reaching other patients.

Non-Profit Help


Calling out into the community for help

Non-profit organizations, political campaigns and anyone fundraising may need to call out to the community. Lately call blocking apps have started to cause issues though. A phone number could become flagged accidentally, causing calls to display scam likely, or be blocked altogether.

Small Business Help

Small Businesses (SMBs)

Small businesses are susceptible to flags

As a small business your reputation may not be big, but it is very important. In fact, your phone number is more likely to be flagged as spam when consumers are unsure who you are. Having an optimized caller ID with a clean phone number reduces the chance to be flagged.

Small Business
Telemarketing Help


Your telemarketing reputation matters

The competition could be reaching prospects faster than you by using clean phone numbers. Flagged caller IDs are blocked by carriers, while clean caller IDs get answered. Even if your calls are not being blocked, a scam likely flag could ruin your reputation while telemarketing.


Your institution’s caller ID could be stolen

Scammers have targeted school caller IDs. Your numbers could already be used for spam or scam calls. Monitoring your phone numbers for flags proactively will prevent scammers from hurting your institution’s reputation.