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A Health And Quality Check For Your Outbound Numbers

A missed call could be the difference between life and death for a patient. Don’t let mistaken and incorrect caller IDs lead to confusion. Mitigate issues before they happen to ensure a secure and worry-free patient experience.

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Start monitoring across all major carriers and blocking apps.

Call blocking apps make it easy to flag any caller. Today, carriers are using flags to block calls from phone numbers. Over 33% of legitimate calls are misclassified with the wrong label. Increase your connection rates by monitoring the health of your outbound phone scores across all sources.

Improve Security

Improve Security

Mitigate for the instances when your phone numbers are unfairly mislabeled as spam as a result of scammers stealing your numbers. Your patients expect to feel secure with you and won’t respond to calls that seem suspicious.

Optimize Service

Optimize Service

Your patients expect phone calls from your practice. Calls about appointment reminders and customer service should not be skipped; however, a flagged number may be blocked, making it appear like you never reached out to them.

Provide Results

Provide Results

A phone call is still the quickest and easiest way to provide patients with results. Especially in urgent or important situations. Being blocked or incorrectly labeled as spam will stop you from reaching your patients and potentially fumble a critical interaction.

Clean numbers lead to healthy connections

Calling best practices

Clean numbers lead to healthy connections

Caring for your outbound numbers keeps the algorithms happy. Following best seasoning practices prevents flags against your outbound phone numbers. Proactively monitoring your number resolves upwards of 92% of mislabeled flags.

  • Billing departments are prone to get flagged, as patients may be dodging or blocking your numbers.
  • Ensure your numbers are remediated with carriers and app aggregators to ensure a higher success rate of recipients answering the phone.
  • Receive accurate scans of your numbers for a comprehensive view of all your outbound numbers.

Monitor caller IDs

Catch scams before they cause damage

Phone scams target the healthcare industries and hospitals often, preying on people at their most vulnerable times. Stopping the use of a flagged phone number allows you to monitor your systems for potential anomalies as a result of a scammer. Caller ID Reputation® enables you to monitor your numbers frequently, helping you catch flags and rest your numbers quickly to protect your reputation from scammers cursing your practices’ name.

Monitor Caller IDs

Phone Call Monitoring

How Caller ID Reputation® can help you

Caller ID Reputation provides real-time monitoring solutions on your calling numbers across the major carriers, call blocking apps and aggregator APIs. Energy companies like yours can reach more customers and increase engagement. Your reputation is on the line.

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