Confused Patients Flag Phone Numbers

Call blocking apps make it easy to flag any caller. Today, carriers are using flags to block calls from phone numbers. Confused patients could flag your phone numbers as spam, lowering your chances of reaching other patients.

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Improve Security

Monitoring your phone numbers reduces security risks posed by spoofed caller IDs. Scammers use healthcare phone numbers to increase the chance that consumers will answer their calls. Getting your numbers marked as scam and spam callers.

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Optimize Service

Your patients expect phone calls from your practice. Calls about appointment reminders and customer service should not be skipped. However a flagged number may be blocked, making it appear like you never reached out to them.

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Provide Results

Sometimes a phone call can help to provide closure quickly. However, when healthcare professionals call with results or other info it is important to get through. Blocked calls can stop you from reaching patients and they would never know you tried.

Lower Confusion

Follow Best Practices

There are times when a patient may receive multiple phone calls from a practice around the same time or day. If each call displays the same caller ID, such as a main line, confusion can lead to patients flagging the number as spam. A simple change, such as displaying different numbers per department, will lead to a better experience for all parties.

Monitor Caller IDs

Catch Flags & Call Spoofing

Once your number is flagged it is important to stop using it. Flags take time to go away, even when your phone number is spoofed by a scam caller. Proactively monitoring for flags allows you to switch out bad numbers quickly, protecting your reputation on calls. While removing your practices name from bad numbers will stop scam callers.

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Caller ID ReputationAllows your company to...

  • Check for flags across all major call blocking apps.
  • Upload large lists of phone numbers to check ratings.
  • Receive notifications in real time about flags.