Unknown Numbers Flagged By Patients

Don’t let mistaken and incorrect caller IDs lead to confusion. Mitigate issues before they happen to ensure a secure and worry-free patient experience.

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Start monitoring across all major carriers and blocking apps.

Call blocking apps make it easy to flag any caller. Today, carriers are using flags to block calls from phone numbers. Confused patients could flag your phone numbers as spam, lowering your chances of reaching other patients.

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Improve Security

Improve Security

Mitigate for the instances when your phone numbers are unfairly mislabeled as spam as a result of scammers stealing your numbers. Your patients expect to feel secure with you and won’t respond to calls that seem suspicious.

Optimize Service

Optimize Service

Your patients expect phone calls from your practice. Calls about appointment reminders and customer service should not be skipped; however, a flagged number may be blocked, making it appear like you never reached out to them.

Provide Results

Provide Results

A phone call is still the quickest and easiest way to provide patients with results. Especially in urgent or important situations. Being blocked or incorrectly labeled as spam will stop you from reaching your patients and potentially fumble a critical interaction.

Lower Confusion

Follow Best Practices

There are times when a patient may receive multiple phone calls from a practice around the same time or day. If each call displays the same caller ID, such as a main line, confusion can lead to patients flagging the number as spam. A simple change, such as displaying different numbers per department, will lead to a better experience for all parties.

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Maintain Call Volumes
Unknown Caller ID

Monitor Caller IDs

Catch Flags & Call Spoofing

Stopping the use of a flagged phone number as soon as possible is important to reduce the time it’ll take to return it to normal- even if it’s been flagged as a result of a scammer. Caller ID Reputation® enables you to monitor your numbers frequently, helping you catch flags and switch out bad numbers quickly to protect your reputation from scammers cursing your practices’ name.

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