Education Caller IDs Are Stolen Often

Your numbers could already be used for spam or scam calls without you knowing.

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Scammers have targeted school phone numbers. Your numbers could already be used for spam or scam calls. Monitoring your phone numbers for flags proactively will prevent scammers from hurting your reputation.

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Identify Scams

Identify Scams

Scammers have been adopting a false caller ID through phone numbers from education departments. Protect against improper use of your phone numbers before these bad actors compromise your reputation by identifying suspicious behavior and flags.

Easy Admissions

Easy Admissions

Being flagged as scam likely or blocked by carriers will result in difficulty with reaching and connecting with students. Resolve issues with incorrect labels to improve your admissions process and overall caller experience.

Be Proactive

Be Proactive

The likelihood of being flagged again rises 48 hours after your first. More flags result in longer turnaround times when you try to clear your number. Proactively monitor your numbers to prevent scammers from wasting your time in the future.

Reputation Protection

Monitoring Your Numbers for Flags

The reputation of your school could be at risk if scammers continue to use your numbers. Flagged phone numbers can even lead to carriers blocking calls or labelling your caller ID as ‘scam likely’. Monitoring your phone numbers for flags is the only way to prevent your caller IDs from getting into the hands of scammers who could tarnish your reputation.

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School Admission Calls

Education Outreach

Improving Calls from Admissions

High volumes of flags and decreasing answer rates are hampering your admissions department’s ability to maintain a good phone number reputation. Monitoring your phone numbers for flags will raise your contact rates, raising the overall student experience dramatically.

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