DialRight™ Lead List Auditing

What is DialRight?

DialRight is a risk mitigation tool and dialing compliance solution for businesses using the voice channel for marketing.

Lead list auditing ensures call accuracy and *TCPA compliance, protecting you from hefty fines.

*DialRight alone does not grant safe harbor. Ensuring that you have received one-to-one consent is crucial.

What is DialRight?

What does it do?

DialRight helps entities perform due diligence and comply with regulatory requirements.

  1. Avoid contacting consumers with reassigned numbers, which is a TCPA violation.
  2. Data hygiene checks to verify your contacts have given 1:1 consent.
  3. Risk mitigation that protects calling parties from liabilities.
Comprehensive lead list auditing

Comprehensive lead list auditing

DialRight aggregates all your consent management to a single interface. Accessed through our online OneID system, users can upload files and download results on the dashboard. Different scan options and multiple lookups give you flexibility and totality.

Data hygiene and dialing compliance for callers

DialRight is a strategic and deliberate way to connect with the people you’re calling. Simply upload a CSV of leads to scrub for violations against regulations and laws such as the TCPA, FTC, TSR, etc, and audit against databases such as the Reassigned Number Database (RND).

Data hygiene for callers
DialRight Lookups

DialRight Lookups:

DialRight is the risk mitigating insurance policy for your calling. We’re your second pair of eyes, double-checking your data hygiene across multiple sources, including…

RND:Reassigned Number Database.

Basic Lookup:Verifies validity, line type, carrier, country, whether it is prepaid, etc

Activity Score:Scores range from 0 to 100. A score of 100 means consistent activity in the last 12 months

DialRight Plans

A la Carte:Pay per scan from our menu of available service lookups.

All you can eat: Pick from all the available services + opt-in and all other facets.

Expanded Services

We plan to expand our data services and become the most comprehensive source for lead list auditing, dialing compliance, and risk mitigation.

DialRight Plans

A Dialing Compliance and Risk Mitigation Solution

Connect More

Connect More

Contact only the leads who wish to be contacted. Incorporate DialRight as a part of your practices and guarantee clean lists that raise contact rates, resulting in better ROI.

Stay Compliant

Stay Compliant

Scrub your lead lists against databases to ensure your contacts are up to date. Comply with federal requirements to avoid risks such as legal liability, violations, and fines.

Mitigate Flags

Mitigate Flags

Practicing good data hygiene by auditing lead lists reduces the risk of flags due to consumer complaints and blocks. Maintain your good caller ID reputation.

Boost your business productivity with DialRight