February 10, 2021

Your Reputation Will Precede You with Branded Enhanced Caller ID

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Branded Enhanced Caller ID Reputation Benefits

You know you have just seven seconds to make a good first impression. But did you know these seven seconds start when a customer sees your caller ID? Think of caller ID as a type of business branding — promotional items like a business card or a flyer that tell the world about your brand and its values. Most companies don’t think of caller ID as branding. But, like a business card, it’s a way to identify your business to a consumer. Caller ID lets the customer recognize your business and form a first impression.

How Important is Your Caller ID?

You might think caller ID is just a combination of letters and digits — your business phone number and name; perhaps your location — but it’s more than that. It’s an important identification tool. It embodies the core of your business — who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. It says a lot about your business without saying much at all.

So, what does your caller ID say about your business?

Caller ID and Business Branding

Caller ID provides customers with a digital display, listing your business phone number, name, and (sometimes) location. It identifies your business before the customer picks up the phone.

But there’s a lot more to it than this.

Make a Lasting First Impression

People make first impressions about your business based on your caller ID. Customers might perceive companies that use particular area codes to be more trustworthy, for example. People often associate unknown international calls as scams. Or, customers might answer the phone if the unknown number is local.

Caller ID is part of your business identity. Customers often associate a sequence of digits with a business’ reputation, and some numbers and area codes are just more trustworthy than others. It’s all psychological, of course, but it’s important.

Promote Your Brand

You can use caller ID, therefore, to build customer trust and loyalty. Think of caller ID like a business card where you have a limited amount of space to tell customers about your brand. Think of caller ID as one of your most valuable promotional tools.

But how do you use caller ID effectively?

What’s in a Name? The Branding Benefits of Enhanced Caller ID

Introducing branded enhanced caller ID. It’s a service offered by most major carriers that reveals so much more about your business than regular caller ID. Enhanced caller ID searches an unknown number against a national database to provide customers with additional insights about the caller:

  • The name of the person or the name of the company calling
  • The company’s logo
  • A specific department the call is ringing from (customer service, for example)

All of this information helps a customer identify your company. In theory, recipients should answer the phone without hesitation.

Did you know that 90 percent of consumers screen calls from unknown numbers?

How Does Branded Enhanced Caller ID Benefit the Customer Experience?

There’s a correlation between customer experience and branding:

“Powerful branding efforts can create a worthwhile consumer experience,” says Marketing Insider Group. “[It promotes a] positive confirmation bias amongst all major channels.”

Face it, customers are skeptical of anonymous calls. Apps, online forums and social media platforms let consumers exchange information about unknown numbers, and these consumers mistakenly report legitimate calls as “spam.” If the caller is genuine, this exchange of information jeopardizes a business’ reputation.

So enhanced caller ID puts you back in the driving seat, convincing consumers you are calling from a legitimate business. Think of it as an email signature or letterhead — a powerful identification tool that proves you are who you say you are. Organizations shouldn’t be afraid of enhanced caller ID but embrace it.

Embrace Omnichannel Communication

Enhanced caller ID is critical for businesses existing in omnichannel environments, where communication methods span a range of technologies, such as phone, email and social media. Omnichannel call centers let customers choose their preferred communication method — often the phone — providing businesses with lucrative marketing opportunities.

But customers often forget they have permitted sales reps to call them, and caller ID doesn’t generate enough information. Enhanced caller ID serves as an ever-important reminder. This new technology validates the outbound call, improving the customer experience.

How Does Branded Enhanced Caller ID Boost Your Reputation?

Reputation is another essential facet of branding and the customer experience. Using enhanced caller ID instills confidence in wary customers who, collectively, receive 200 million spam calls every day. It might sound rudimentary, but having your business name and logo appear on a customer’s handset legitimizes your entire organization.

Having a specific department display on enhanced caller ID can further boost reputation. Hospitals, for example, can display titles like “administration” and “billing” to increase pickup rates. This information might also prevent customers from blocking unknown numbers and reporting them as spam.

Protect Your Business with Caller ID Monitoring

Monitoring caller ID protects your business from call spoofing — when scammers spoof your number to defraud your customers. STIR/SHAKEN, a federal government-initiated framework that tries to prevent this type of fraud, is still in its early stages, and scammers are spoofing business numbers like yours all the time.

It’s tricky to know whether a scammer has spoofed your number(s), but there are warning signs:

  • Call pickup rates decline (your agents will know if this is the case)
  • You can’t reach customers (because customers have blocked your numbers)
  • Your numbers appear on robocall-reporting databases

Mitigating call spoofing is critical for any business. If you suspect someone has spoofed your number(s), contact your enhanced caller ID provider as soon as possible and have your branding removed from the number. Then inform customers about the fraud. It’s all about trust. Being transparent with consumers improves your image and reputation.

Enhanced caller ID also proves useful if your industry is susceptible to specific types of scams (fake contact tracing calls from “hospitals,” for example.) Displaying your name, logo and other information improves pickup rates and instills trust in ever-skeptical consumers.

Before You Hang Up

Branded enhanced caller ID is the best business branding strategy you’ve never heard of. This technology improves your reputation, builds trust, and increases pickup rates, making it a valuable investment. Talk to your carrier about enhanced caller ID today.

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