May 31, 2023

Why Your Caller ID is Essential for On-Demand Services

Why Your Caller ID is Essential for On-Demand Services

Do you need a ride to a friend’s house? Some moo shu pork? A week’s worth of groceries? Today’s consumers can get almost anything delivered quickly, thanks to the on-demand service industry.

But clear and reliable communication is key for this industry, including having accurate caller ID information. Your caller ID helps ensure your company completes its services promptly and alleviate potential problems. 

Why Communication Is Important

According to a survey by First Orion, 75% of delivery drivers had to call their customers about some aspect of their orders. Often, they need to clarify the address or check if an item substitution is okay. Caller ID issues complicate communication with consumers.

Although more than 70% reported contacting customer service about their orders, many would not answer a call back that comes through as unknown or spam. That means 3 in 5 customers missed a call due to caller ID issues. These miscommunications can lead to ruined food orders, missed appointments, and other customer frustrations. 

Customer Experience is Key

The on-demand service industry is highly competitive and must cater to customers. They have so many choices regarding ride services, food delivery, etc. Customer experience, then, is essential to making your company stand out. Ensuring your company provides the best customer experience will boost your brand’s reputation. 

The following factors are essential to creating an excellent customer experience. 

  • Understanding Expectations. Customer service expectations have increased in recent years, in part due to Amazon’s fast delivery service. People often expect same-day and next-day delivery of goods and services with a simple return process. They certainly expect ride services and food delivery to take place in minutes.
  • Transparency in Communication. Customers also demand the ability to make last-minute changes to their orders and the ability to track their communication history. That means offering them multiple communication channels for reaching fulfillment, delivery, and return departments.
  • Utilize Scalability. Communication solutions must be practical and allow for fast scalability. Your demand will ebb and flow during certain periods, and your service solutions must be flexible.
  • Automation is Key. You won’t be able to keep up with customer demand without advanced automation options. Imagine responding to every request or inquiry using person-to-person methods only. It cannot be done on any significant scale.
  • Cater to Your Customers. The on-demand industry is highly competitive, with multiple big players offering similar services. The best way to stand out is through superior customer service, including seamless communication options.

Importance of Accurate Caller ID

Communication is essential for companies providing on-demand services. Customers want to know the ETA on their order, receive updates on service times and have the ability to change schedules. In turn, employees in the field, drivers, and delivery staff often need to contact customers for directions or additional information and a communication problem can sink the entire transaction. 

According to a survey by First Orion:

  • 79% of customers want updates to known issues.
  • 62% missed calls from delivery services due to unknown numbers on their caller IDs.
  • 81% of customers expect a proper caller ID to be associated with a delivery service.

Texting is not the answer for many people. Data shows that more than 30% of on-demand service customers prefer a phone call if there is an issue with their order. However, they are unlikely to answer an unknown number or one with a negative caller ID label attached.

Consumers who do not get what they ordered when they expected it will be unhappy, even if your business tries to contact them. Explaining a caller ID issue will not satisfy most people who did not get their food, were late to a friend’s wedding, or received an unsatisfactory cat food alternative. 

How to Maintain an Accurate Caller ID

Caller ID accuracy will improve the interactions between your company and your customers. You can ensure your caller ID displays accurate information by following these standards:

  • Register with CNAM. This step ties the phone number registration data to the caller ID information.
  • Utilize Enhanced Caller ID Services. An enhanced service provides more information to the recipient, making them more likely to answer your call.
  • Monitor Numbers Frequently. You need to continually monitor your phone numbers for negative flags so that you can immediately remediate any issues.
  • Redress Erroneous Flags. Unfortunately, you may receive erroneous flags from carriers and blocking services. You need to discover the cause of these flags, fix what you can, and seek immediate relief from the FCC or individual carriers.

On-demand services need to be proactive when it comes to their caller ID information. Even one day of problems can negatively affect your bottom line. 

Managing Customer Expectations

Many consumers rely on on-demand services and expect a seamless customer experience. Meeting their expectations means having accurate caller ID data appear on their phones. Otherwise, they may be unable to communicate essential information to your company about their order. And an incorrect or delayed order hurts your reputation every time.