April 15, 2020

Why You Should Stop Dialing on Your Vanity Number

Vanity Number Vs Toll Free Number

Acquiring a vanity number for your business is an excellent form of branding. It is easy to remember and convenient for your customers to call. However, dialing out from your vanity number could hurt your reputation. Your vanity number might get flagged, ruining your company’s reputation.

While the majority of businesses use vanity numbers as the outbound dialing mainstream, it leaves them susceptible to getting flagged. Rather than dialing out from vanity numbers, toll free numbers offer a better option to maintain the reputation of your business.

Benefits of Having a Vanity Number

Vanity numbers have some perks which make them ideal for many business owners and call center managers. If you engage in marketing campaigns, then a vanity number might be what you need. Some of these benefits include;

Easy for Customers to Remember

If you want to remain memorable to your customers, a vanity number will come handy. Vanity numbers have a specific sequence that customers can easily memorize. Customers are likely to remember numbers that with unique business names. If people remember these numbers, then they will remember your business as well.

Using a vanity number on a marketing campaign will get you some incredible results. The primary reason why a customer will call you back is that the vanity number is easy to recall.

Vanity Numbers Are Great for Marketing Campaigns

Vanity numbers are a great tool to help generate inbound leads. A vanity number is meant to be remembered easily. Often we associate these with a jingle on television or radio. However they can also prove effective in print and digital marketing campaigns.

Using a vanity number is beneficial for producing inbound leads to your business. However the benefits do not extend in the same way to outbound marketing campaigns. Vanity numbers don’t translate well to caller IDs. Either your business information displays from your registered numbers on a caller ID or your phone number shows as a string of numbers to the recipient. A vanity number would not be easily recognizable as a string of numbers.

Vanity Numbers are an Excellent Form of Branding

If you want to create a name for yourself, incorporating vanity numbers will help significantly. The numbers act as an identity for your company, and clients can easily recall them.

A vanity number is branding for your business phone number. These are especially useful for businesses that serve larger areas. While a metropolis, like NYC or LA, may have several area codes within a city, a vanity number can help consolidate your phone number branding efforts. This extends to business that operate nationwide as well.

Vanity numbers give your business a brand, and promote memory retention for customers. However, these provide almost zero benefits for outbound dialing campaigns. Using toll free numbers is much more beneficial for outbound campaigns.

Benefits of Using Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers can be more ideal for outbound dialing campaigns. They are often associated with a business unlike local numbers. While conusmers may be hesitant to answer calls from businesses, these are some benefits toll free numbers can offer;

Toll free Number Help Stand You and Portray Legitimacy

Having a toll free number gives your business credibility, regardless of whether you are a multinational corporation or a small-sized enterprise. It enhances your company’s image and sells a positive name.

Using toll free numbers is an ideal way to establish a wide business presence and, ultimately, boost your company’s performance. You can list your number in a nationwide directory for toll free numbers and clients can call you from anywhere for free. It’s all about giving your clients a cost-saving option to close the gap with them. With a toll free number, customers will view your business differently from that of your competitors.

Customers Can Easily Call Back Without Worrying About Possible Charges

Everyone wants to save that extra penny. Customers like the fact that they can connect with your call center for free. It’s your business that pays for the toll free number, but that’s a non-issue if customer engagement is vital. A toll free number will largely improve customer experience.

There are cheap packages that you can purchase to set up a toll free number. Customers will be less hesitant to call numbers that do not charge anything at all. If your call goes to a customer’s voicemail, they are more likely to return the call on a toll free number.

Toll free Numbers Can Be Used for Both Local and Nationwide Campaigns

Regardless of where you are, you can use toll free numbers for your marketing and sales campaigns. Whether you are in Delaware or Texas, it doesn’t matter. They allow you to create two identities at once. You can target a broad range of customers, regardless of their location.

Toll free number providers can offer both local and nationwide numbers at low costs, meaning you can have a national or a local presence from anywhere.

Toll free Numbers Have Great Portability

If you are relocating your business, your toll free number can stay the same as the location doesn’t matter. You can move with your numbers to wherever you want. Customers can still reach you no matter where your new business is located. Even if your business decides to change service providers, you can still keep your number.

Managing your Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers can be flagged, just like any other number. If you are using toll free numbers for your outbound dialing campaigns, it is a good idea to rotate these frequently. Generally, it is best not to make more than 250 calls per day to avoid your numbers getting flagged by the carrier’s monitoring call frequency.

If you are engaging in telemarketing campaigns, it’s easy to get flagged and hurt your business reputation. Caller ID Reputation enables you to scan and monitor your flags. With this tool, you can establish whether or not your business numbers have been flagged as “Scam Likely” or “Spam Risk”. If you continuously monitor your business numbers for flagging, you can take appropriate action and uphold your business reputation.