July 28, 2021

Why You Need Call Monitoring Across All Major Carriers

The information that appears on caller ID sets the first impression that people have of your business. Ideally, you want caller ID to display accurate information that encourages more people to answer your outgoing calls. Unfortunately, you don’t always have control of what caller ID shows.

Call Monitoring Across All Major Carriers

Call monitoring helps ensure that you make a positive impression, making it easier for you to reach consumers and improve your key performance indicators (KPIs). If your call center doesn’t monitor across all major carriers, though, you will likely miss opportunities for making your campaigns more successful.

The following article will help you make a good first impression and learn how to take control of your phone numbers’ reputations.

Why You Need CNAM Registration

CNAM registration tells carriers what information to display when you use your phone number to call someone. CNAM is the industry abbreviation for your caller ID name.

By registering your CNAM, you help ensure that your business name appears on caller ID. You also confirm that the number belongs to a reputable business that needs to reach consumers, which lowers the risk that your number will get blocked by a carrier.

Unfortunately, CNAM registration has some limitations. Many call centers find that:

  • Numbers and business names don’t display consistently across carriers.
  • Contacting individual carriers gets the best results but can take a lot of time, especially when they work with long lists of outgoing numbers.
  • It can take weeks for new information to update in CNAM systems. (During that time, your number may have a different business’s name or appear as “unknown caller.”)

There isn’t a regulatory agency that coordinates CNAM information across carriers, so you don’t have much recourse when the system fails you. Call monitoring, however, gives you more insight into what gets displayed with your numbers.

Benefits of Call Monitoring

Call monitoring isn’t a magic solution to inaccurate CNAM information, but it does offer several benefits. If you find that many of your calls do not reach customers, call monitoring will make it much easier for you to identify the reason and find a solution.

With a reliable call monitoring system, your call center can:

  • Find out if fraudulent call spoofing is damaging your number’s reputation.
  • Improve your brand recognition and increase answer rates for more successful campaigns.
  • Maintain your number’s reputation (or switch to a new number when a number’s reputation gets tarnished).

Overall, you can expect call monitoring to help you reach more people, improve customer services, and increase conversions.

How Numbers Get Flagged or Labeled

Understandably, consumers hate getting spam calls that disrupt their days. As a call center owner or manager, you can probably understand the frustration that consumers experience. For you, spam and robocalls have an even more angering result: they can make it harder for you to reach your leads and customers.

Flagging and labeling numbers helps people avoid bothersome calls. Before you can protect yourself from negative flags, you need to know how numbers get flagged or labeled.

Consumers Report Numbers to Apps

Consumers have more opportunities than ever to report numbers that annoy them. Numerous apps let people report numbers. When the app gets enough reports, it will add a warning to incoming calls from the number. Warnings often use phrases like:

  • Nuisance Call
  • Scam Likely
  • Fraud Risk

When app users see the warnings, they know to avoid the call or block the number.

From the consumer’s perspective, warning apps offer a perfect solution. By adding an app to their smartphones, they can rely on other people to report problem numbers. It doesn’t matter what carriers people use. Anyone can report the number and warn others not to answer.

Carriers Label Numbers with Frequent Calls

Individual carriers can also label numbers as spam. The “spam” label usually gets attached to numbers that place more than 100 calls per day. While that helps identify robocalls, it also means your call center numbers will probably receive labeles.

Carriers take unique approaches to how and why they label numbers. One carrier might label your number as “spam” while a different carrier displays your business name. It’s incredibly difficult to know how your call center numbers get displayed across major carriers. Getting a negative label by just one carrier, however, can prevent you from reaching thousands upon thousands of customers. It’s an intolerable situation for call centers that need to reach specific goals.

Data Aggregation Issues

Many carriers work with third party apps in an exclusive relationship. This means data from one app may aggregate to one carrier, but not others. Since many new smart phones come equipped with call blocking and labeling technology, this data is used automatically on that carrier.

This can lead to further confusion. Users from a certain carrier, or with a certain app installed might see your caller ID one way. However, users without the app or on different carriers may see it completely different. Consitency between consumers is not currently available.

Caller ID Reputation’s Device Cloud

Caller ID Reputation gives you the most comprehensive way to monitor your numbers across all major carriers and apps. Following ethical calling practices does not ensure that your calls will reach customers. The harmful influence of call spoofing puts every call center at risk.

Caller ID Reputation lets you scan your numbers daily so you can maintain their reputations. The software will also send you notifications when your numbers get flagged. The sooner you stop using flagged numbers, the easier it becomes for you to reach your campaign goals.

With our new "Device Cloud" service, you can monitor your numbers across all carriers and multiple major devices in real time. This lets you see how your caller ID shows up across not only different carriers, but also devices.

Don’t take any chances with the reputations of your brand and numbers. Get started with Caller ID Reputation so you can take back control of your numbers.

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