April 5, 2023

Why Lead List Integrity is Paramount for Brand Reputation

Why Lead List Integrity is Paramount for Brand Reputation

Call compliance is essential for a successful outbound dialing campaign in today’s climate. Failure to follow government regulations can ruin your brand reputation and result in hefty fines. You can expect falling conversion numbers and profits. Even companies with good intentions can draw the ire of the FCC.

Recently, the FCC conducted an investigation into MV Realty for facilitating robocall campaigns to consumers registered on the DNC. This company engaged in robocalls to DNC-listed numbers which promoted a mortgage scam targeting vulnerable homeowners. Their behavior tarnished the reputations of service providers who did not stop MV Realty’s calls. 

Ever-changing FCC proposals make compliance more difficult, but your company’s brand reputation is in danger unless you follow these standards.

FCC Proposes Closing the Lead Generator Loophole

The latest FCC effort concerns lead generation. Many telemarketers buy lead data, but this practice could lead to penalties and compliance violations in the near future. The FCC has proposed changes that would close the “lead generation loophole.” 

Lead Referrals

Specifically, the FCC wants to require that “consent be considered granted only to callers logically and topically associated with the website that solicits consents and whose names are clearly disclosed on the same web page.” The FCC proposal also states that “prior express consent to receive calls or texts must be made directly to one entity at a time.” 

If these changes go into effect, it will close down multi-vertical leads and limit hyperlink marketing partner pages. In short, lead generation practices are in real danger, something that will affect everyone in the industry. Continuing to use these targeted tactics may damage your company’s credibility and bottom line. 

Text Restrictions

The new proposals will change the role of texts in lead generation. They will force mobile wireless providers to block text messages from numbers listed on Do Not Originate Call lists. The entries on those lists are meant to be invalid numbers, unused North American Numbering Plan numbers, and numbers that subscribers blocked. The reality is sometimes different.

The FCC wants to make the National DNC Registry applicable to text messages and end the practice of using single-consumer consent to allow a barrage of calls and text messages from unrelated marketers. Terminating providers will also be required to block texts from marketers on notice from the FFC for illegal activity.

While these new regulations would further restrict bad actors in the industry, they also create more challenges for legitimate companies trying to reach consumers in good faith.

Consumers Wield Power

Consumers now wield a great deal of power over how caller IDs display due to the emergence of call-blocking apps. This change in industry dynamics can negatively affect your brand’s reputation, especially if you’re not maintaining compliance and practicing good caller hygiene. Abiding by ethical dialing practices is the best way to ensure your company does not receive negative flags on your phone numbers.

In addition, your lead list integrity will help prevent unwanted phone number flags or blocks. A poor or “bargain” list will contain outdated numbers and numbers on the DNC. Consumers have lost all patience with invasive calling practices. Dialing clearly disinterested leads will result in more negative number flags for your company. 

Brand Integrity is Essential

In modern dialing campaigns, brand reputation is critical to meet sales goals.  Robocalls have plagued consumers for too long, and many are reluctant to answer any unknown or unrecognized number. They are unlikely to do business with companies that have poor reputations. 

Dialing Solutions

You can protect your company from negative flags and labels by improving your dialing practices. Be certain to abide by ethical practices at all times. Otherwise, you’ll suffer the effects of call-blocking apps and STIR/SHAKEN enforcement. Use only quality lists that have leads relevant to your company’s products and services. They need to be scrubbed against the DNC and your own opt-out lists to ensure they’re accurate.

In fact, avoid buying lead data when possible and acquire leads organically through online and offline outreach campaigns. That way, you avoid dialing leads that are clearly uninterested in your company’s offerings. These methods also lessen the chance you’ll dial people on the DNC. And always allow leads an internal opt-out option that will prevent your agents from calling them during future campaigns. Making these changes will help preserve lead list integrity.

Importance of Lead List Integrity

The FCC continues to wage war against robocallers, something everyone supports. Unfortunately, the new regulations sometimes harm legitimate companies who are trying to contact genuinely interested consumers. You risk damage to your brand reputation if you’re not vigilant about all aspects of your dialing campaigns.

Remember to ensure your lead list integrity and promote good agent dialing practices to avoid negative labels and government penalties. Staying complaint is essential to your company’s success, but it’s becoming more complicated by the day.