July 14, 2021

Which Dialer Software Best Suits Your industry?

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Which Dialer Software Suits Your Industry

Companies all over need to use call centers to conduct business. Businesses need to reach leads and current customers for marketing purposes, follow-ups, collections and offers.

Dialers dramatically increase the efficiency of call center operations. By providing information and features, call center agents can use their time more effectively and prevent confusion.

Although you may know about dialers, do you know which dialer software best suits your industry? Some dialer software is best suited to certain industries or campaigns.

Preview VS Predictive Dialer Software

It’s important to understand your current call center needs. Either for a campaign or business goal. First off, know which features are the best match for your industry. Choosing the right dialer can be highly effective for increasing productivity and reaching the intended individuals.

Preview Dialer Benefits

If you’re in certain markets related to customer service or product sales, a preview dialer may suit you. Your agents need to have information about their leads handy to present them with accurate and insightful information or feedback. Using a preview dialer allows the call center employee to have information on hand. This gives them ammo to start a conversation with relevant information on hand.

Preview dialers can display information such as installment dates, payment reminders, previous sales, and more. This information usually pops up a few seconds before the number dials to allow the employee time to read and gather details.

This service allows the representative to understand better how to approach the call smoothly. In addition, it provides relevant information that makes the interaction more professional and informative.

Predictive Dialer Benefits

In contrast, you’ll likely need a predictive dialer if you have a high call volume business or organization. This software is especially suited to needs such as companies handling live TV sales, political campaigns, and more.

The predictive dialer works by anticipating the time between agents’ calls. Then the dialer auto queues the next call when it predicts the agent will be ready. This helps agents place more calls per hour successfully.

Predictive dialers usually takes into account the agent’s performance statistics and other variables to provide more efficient services.

For example, the predictive dialer can estimate an average call time. Then, the dialer can use that information to automatically send a call to an agent based on that information. So if an average call takes four minutes – in 4.5 minutes, it will begin to queue up the next call for the agent in that time frame.

Industries Best Suited for Predictive Dialer

Some industries handle high call volumes regularly. This means they have a dedicated call center with live operators or representatives who work specifically taking outgoing calls to individuals based on their campaign or work.

Telemarketing Industry

Telemarketers speak with hundreds of people daily to promote sales of a product or service. In many cases, these calls are done without having previous knowledge of the individuals in advance.

Therefore, using a predictive dialer helps them call more people without wasting time. They also allow managers to select a database and auto assign calls.

Travel Industry

One of the primary methods for bringing awareness to travel services is reaching out to potential customers via phone calls. Having a predictive dialer helps call center representatives to reach people via customizable options such as voice activation.

You can set the software to certain specifications that provide offers to individuals. In addition, customers can choose particular packages in an IVR or connect to a live representative.

Financial Industry

Banks and investment firms have devoted call center representatives who follow up on qualified leads or soft leads. This brings awareness to a specific promotion or service they currently provide. Having predictive dialer software ensures they stay on track and helps them avoid productivity issues.

For example, you can set the dialer to call all the people on a list within a particular zip code at one time rather than one by one. This feature helps increase profitability by reaching more individuals simultaneously than dialing one customer at a time.

Insurance Industry

Insurance companies can offer more details about certain coverages or services by using a predictive dialer. The person who answers the call can select certain numbers for additional information about their offer or request a call back to speak with an agent.

Political Campaigns

One goal of a political campaign is to reach as many voters as possible. Having predictive dialer software helps them get more people faster. In instances where they need to reach large numbers of people, this software proves invaluable. You can set the auto-attendant, and an interactive message will provide more support to each person called.

Debt Collection

The debt collection industry deals with high volumes of calls each day. Rather than dial individually, a group of people relive an automated call or have the caller rerouted to a representative for payments or get more details about their debt.

Industries Where Preview Dialers Excel

Preview dialers work well for preparing the representative before they connect with the person they call. This makes the interaction smoother and helps streamline the conversation and reduce research time. Here are some prime examples of industries that benefit from preview dialer software.

Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is a prime example of an information-based call center scenario. These companies cover large numbers of individuals and must frequently communicate regarding personal information and billing.

Representatives also need to reach out to potential clients and provide additional details about the services they offer. Having preview dialer software helps them reach customers or potential customers with a personalized approach so they can be highly efficient.

Luxury Sales

When reaching people about luxury retail or sales opportunities, a customized approach is ideal. A preview dialer helps the representative connect with the potential customer to offer them opportunities they may be interested. Sales strategies can be tailed based on previous sales history or information gathered about preferences.

Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry deals with people personally. Agents need access to information about each person to help provide the best approach. The preview dialer gives them the details they need to make the conversation smoother. In addition, agents can access personal preferences about previous history or current interests in properties or homes.

B2B Sales

B2B sales require each caller to have solid details related to their potential customer. These sales often rely on highly focused and excellent customers service skills. The preview dialer software allows them to have the information on hand when they need it to connect with the person on the other end of the phone.

Education Institutions

Education institutions must have intimate knowledge of each student when they call. This allows them to present accurate information or opportunities. Using a preview dialer ensures that agents have that information available to best suit students or prospects. In addition, these help reduce call times and improve effective communication.

Select the Right Dialer Software

When setting up a campaign, preparation is key. Identifying which dialer can provide the most benefit can help streamline your campaign. Some industries benefit more from a certain dialer type. However sometimes the best dialer varies by campaign.

Whether your organization or company can benefit from a predictive dialer or a preview dialer, you want to make sure you choose a quality company to provide these software services. Doing your research before starting a campaign can make the difference between success and failure.

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