October 2, 2019

When Your Calling Agents Get Bored You Pay the Price

Sales productivity is vital to the success of every business, but it can be very difficult to maintain. You need to keep customers engaged and interested in your brand. However, you also need to take steps to prevent your sales team from getting bored and losing morale.

When calling agents get bored, sales suffer. Which is why it is so important to find the right sales productivity tools to keep them on track.

Types of Sales Productivity Tools Your Company Needs

Sales productivity software can provide your calling agents with all the information they need to maximize the chance of success in their sales calls. There are several types of sales productivity tools that your company can use to streamline sales and improve customer service. Here are a few of the most important.

Lead Generation Software

Lead generation is a vital part of the marketing and sales process.

There are a lot of different methods your company can use to generate high quality leads, which your sales team can then follow up and convert into sales. From inbound content marketing to email marketing and social media, lead generation software needs to track a variety of outreach methods and report on how successful they are at producing quality leads.

Lead generation tools collate information about the leads your team generates so that calling agents can quickly and easily access the data they need.

Customer Service / Account Management Software

Account management software can be invaluable in improving the level of customer service that your business is able to offer.

This type of software tracks all interactions that each customer has with your company. That means your customer service agents can easily look back through a customer's history. Finding out what issues they have raised in the past and learning what steps other agents have tried to resolve the customer's problems helps improve your level of service.

Sales agents can also use this information to help them decide which customers to contact and what approach to take to selling to those individuals.

Business Development Software

Business development software helps the various people working within a business to share information. Moreover, this helps to gain an understanding of the overall direction in which the business is heading.

Good business development software combines data from many different sources and integrates it into a single dashboard. These make it easy to track important metrics for the business and generate reports on business performance.

Top Sales Productivity Tools for Businesses

Using the right sales productivity tools can help your business improve sales and reduce boredom or lack of motivation from affecting their sales teams. So what are some of the essential productivity tools you can use?


Copper is a lead generation tool that allows you to see all your leads in one place. It integrates seamlessly with other sales productivity tools, allowing you to manage existing customer accounts as well as generating new leads.

Your sales agents can easily use this tool to set up automated tasks, cutting down on the amount of boring, repetitive work they need to do.

Datanyze Insider Chrome Extension

Datanyze is a useful Chrome browser extension that simplifies client research for B2B businesses. With just one click, your sales reps can scrape a huge amount of data from client websites, including email addresses, company revenue, number of employees, and the technology providers that the company is currently using.

This can save a huge amount of time compared to agents manually searching for the information on the company website. It's also less boring for your agents, so they are likely to have higher job satisfaction and maintain higher morale.

Caller ID Reputation

A common problem for sales teams is that calls are flagged as spam by clients' phone systems. This can cause frustration for calling agents who are not able to get through to the. Some calling agents might even give up on working through a list of leads if they assume that their call will be rejected by every client.

Caller ID Reputation helps to prevent your calling agents from getting caught in this frustrating trap. It helps you prevent your legitimate business from showing up as "scam likely" on a customer's phone.

This handy productivity tool checks the numbers your calling agents use against the FTC spam list, as well as against lists used by the most popular spam and robocall blocking apps. You can quickly find out whether any of your numbers are on a blacklist so you can take action to stay out of the "scam likely" trap.

When you use Caller ID Reputation in your business, you can increase the job satisfaction of your calling agents, as well as increasing your sales figures and revenue. Calling agents generally hate having to interact with clients who are suspicious from the moment they pick up the phone.

Removing the "scam likely" message that flags up on clients' phones when you call means that your agents are more likely to have positive interactions with the people they speak to. Not only does this increase your conversion rate, but it also leads to a happier sales team.

Are You Making Best Use of Sales Productivity Tools?

If you do not currently use sales productivity tools to make the job of your sales team easier, now is an excellent time to start. By using the correct productivity tools you can help your calling agents to succeed in more of their sales calls.

The result? Happier agents, more engaged customers, and higher revenue for your business.

See how Caller ID Reputation® can support your business!

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