September 4, 2019

This Key Feature is Often Neglected in Visual Branding

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Customers who don’t have all the necessary information might not pick up the phone. Using Caller ID Name (CNAM) provides more information on calls but not all companies use CNAM to its full advantage. Displaying your companies name is a form of visual branding when calling your customers.

CNAM is Visual Branding

CNAM is more than just caller identification. It’s a valuable resource for brand recognition. When you register your business with specific CNAM data, customers will find out more about your company before they pick up the phone.

Robocalls Have Increased the Need for Branding on Calls

The screen phone is a valuable piece of real estate for any business owner. As customers are becoming increasingly wary of robocalls and fraudsters, many people are reluctant to answer the phone if they don’t know who is calling.

The FTC received more than 7 million consumer complaints about robocalls in the year 2017, up from around 5 million in 2016.

This is where CNAM comes in. It allows you to display a 15-character name and number, so customers have an idea about who is calling.

CNAM is Not Always Enough

Sometimes, though, CNAM isn’t enough. Sure, customers might see your name and number on their phone screen. Some of them, however, need a little more convincing to pick up the phone.

Out-of-State and Toll-Free Numbers Can Cause Trouble

If you’re calling from outside the state or from a toll-free area, things get even more tricky.

Research shows that 80 percent of people don’t answer phone calls from toll-free area codes, while 75 percent of people don’t answer phone calls from out-of-state numbers.

What is Branded Caller ID

Branded caller ID can solve these problems. Branded caller ID is an upcoming feature similar to CNAM that could dramatically increase sales and improve reputation. You can display more than just a contact name and phone number to your customers. As a result, you can provide context to your calls and increase contact ratios and sales.

This simple piece of technology will make it so much easier to connect with your customers.

How Can Businesses Use Branded Caller ID?

Branded caller ID lets you display a wide range of different information to your customers on a phone screen.

These are some of the brand elements you can show on your calls:

  • An image of the agent making the call.
  • The name of the agent making the call.
  • The department of the agent making the call.
  • Your company logo.
  • Your business address.
  • Your email address.
  • An image.

You can use different brand elements for different calls, too. If you have different departments within your organization, for example, you might want to incorporate different text and images for particular calls. You can use different brand elements for customer service, sales, and collections calls, too.

This will allow you to customize your calls and increase engagement with callers. Using different numbers with different photos, images, and information provides you with more control over your visual branding when you make a call.

Here’s another example:
A customer has had a car accident and, as they process their claim, four separate people from their insurance company make contact with them. Each person is from a different department so each needs different information.

With branded caller ID, the customer knows these callers are from the same company but are different people, even in different departments.

The Benefits of Branded Caller ID

There are multiple benefits to branded caller ID, some are listed below and more are sure to come as the technology is rolled out.

If a caller doesn’t use branded caller ID, customers on the other of the line will know instantly. These customers might be less likely to pick up the phone or engage with the caller. It’s as simple as that. When customers have access to a company’s details, they will feel more confident in answering the call.

Branded caller ID improves awareness considerably. Customers can see who is calling them from which department within the organization. Images and text will increase trust between you and your customers, too.

Companies that use branded caller ID technology will stand out from the crowd and quickly build a rapport with their customers. As a result, sales teams can move customers through their sales and marketing funnels.

Why Is This Important?

Branded caller ID will allow your business to improve its visual branding on phone calls. You can still display traditional elements, such as a contact name and number, but you can increase brand recognition with more detailed information and even images.

Right now, overlooking your CNAM could have a major impact on your brand. Soon, not using a branded caller ID will make it harder for you to connect with customers and boost sales.

How Visual Branding Can Boost Sales

Research shows that customers are more likely to remember visual information than text. In fact, one study found that people process visuals 60,000 times faster than regular text.

How Does This Apply to Caller IDs?

When you include a photo or logo on your call, customers are able to process this information much quicker. Therefore, they might pick up your calls quicker or get back to you in a speedier time frame if they miss a call.

Brander caller ID is still in its infancy, too. Perhaps, in a few years, companies will be able to send videos when calling.

If you would like to learn more about this upcoming feature contact Caller ID Reputation today about branded caller ID.

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