Gone are the days where contact centers operate as segmented (inbound and outbound) service providers. Being able to handle both inbound and outbound capacity effectively and efficiently has become an on-going struggle for contact centers of all capacities. An increase in market demand that is held together by customer support has required technology to catch up. This led to the rise of blended call centers.

What is a Blended Call Center?

Blended call centers have taken the traditional contact center model and created a call delivery environment that meets the demands of not just the consumer but also the state of technology. In a blended call center, an agent is able to effectively handle a stream of both inbound and outbound calls.

Predictive dialing is the main method for outbound calls while automatic call distribution is implemented for all incoming calls. Automating the combination of inbound and outbound calls has been proven to add variety to the calling environment. As such, blended call centers can optimize productivity across entire organizations.

Business Enhancing Benefits of Blended Call Centers

Aside from the ability to streamline the inbound and outbound workflow equally across a business, blended call centers also offer a wide variety of business-enhancing benefits.

Increasing flexibility, scalability, productivity

Businesses with multiple departments know that designating tasks to each of their agents can be a daunting task. However, the implementation of a blended call center offers your agent the ability to flow freely through tasks.

Blended call center software is designed to promote collaboration between departments. In doing so, support can be seamlessly integrated which will in effect make increased productivity easier to achieve.

Enhancing forecast capability

Blended call centers are optimized to have many moving parts operating simultaneously. As result, data and information flow in abundance. The influx of feedback is critical for not only management but also agents because it provides the framework for making data-driven decisions.

The best forecasting predictions come from synthesizing large amounts of data. With a blended call center, management teams are afforded the opportunity to really steer the future of their business.

Metrics such as First Call Resolution (FCR) are important to contact center managers. Higher FCR rates indicate that calls are getting routed to the most qualified agents. This indicates that agents are equipped with enough information to provide unmatched service.

Encouraging collaboration

At the core of any prospering business is a company culture that implements and promotes collaboration across the entire organization. Whether your call volumes are high or workflow is very diverse, having a blended call center creates an opportunity for employees to strengthen collaboration with each other.

Better customer satisfaction rates

The customer experience hinges on services and solutions. Customers need to be able to access representatives quickly and receive assistance and/or answers in a timely manner.

Features that make blended call centers customer satisfaction powerhouses include:

  • Two-way communication
  • Custom Scripting
  • Manager-agent chat capabilities

One of the greatest benefits of improved communications is that the average hold time for customers reduces significantly which in effect will improve many other performance metrics.

Increase Answer Rates

There are 3 key ways to improve your call centers answer rates:

  • Dial Time-Out Adjustment
  • Scanning and monitoring the numbers you use to dial out
  • Dial Level Scheduling

If you find that your answer rates might be decreasing, it can be due to the fact that you are showing up as spam likely across some networks. This can be a problem for blended call centers with sporadic calling cadences.

In this case, your best bet to improving your answer rates will be to run your outbound numbers across a trusted number scanning software. This will let you know if any of your DIDs might be flagged erroneously and showing up as “spam likely”.