Vanity Number Vs Toll Free Number

April 15, 2020

Why You Should Stop Dialing on Your Vanity Number

Vanity numbers provide branding for your company's phone numbers and are often seen on billboards, business cards and jingles. While particularly effective for inbound calls, they provide little benefit for outbound dialing. Replace your vanity numbers with toll free numbers for outbound dialing.

phone number protection

June 5, 2019

Phone Number Protection Starts with Your Caller ID

Be careful when you display your phone number on a phone call. Separate your inbound and outbound numbers so valuable phone numbers don't get flagged as spam. Phone number protection starts with careful management of your caller ID.

September 15, 2018

Does A Vanity Number Really Make A Difference?

Finding ways to differentiate your company from a sea of competitors is an integral part of scaling your business successfully. While taking the time to evaluate and improve your products and services is a great way to start, being able to market those identifiers into a reputable brand effectively is what brings new business opportunities to your doorstep.