Spoofing Tips and News

The concept of spoofing is simple. Cloak your actual caller ID and display something completely different. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. There are many uses for spoofing in business and not all of them are straightforward. Most importantly, it’s not always legal. These articles help you stay informed about call spoofing and learn how companies use it the correct way.

Robocall Legislation in New House Bills
December 16, 2020

Robocall Legislation Expanded With 3 New House Bills

Legislations geared at improving communication systems in the United States might help combat robocalls as well. 3 new Bills have been brought to the Senate, mostly aimed at expanding and improving communication infrastructure for US consumers.

Call Authentication Chain of Trust
December 9, 2020

How Call Authentication Chain of Trust Works

Call authentication with the STIR/SHAKEN framework has many moving parts. The chain of trust between entities forms the bonds that hold authentication together. Authentication grades are provided based on the validity of data relayed between telecom authorities.

Enterprise Call Spoofing Targets Consumers
December 2, 2020

Enterprise Call Spoofing Targets Consumers With Personal Data

Call spoofing has been plaguing busineses and consumers alike in recent years. However scammers are becoming more keen on their tactics. Using information acquired from data breaches, enterprise call spoofing can target victims more precisely, resulting in greater losses from consumers and confusion for businesses.

FTC Cracks Down on Telemarketing Fraud
November 18, 2020

FTC Cracks Down on Telemarketing Fraud with Robocall Regulations

With the passage of the TRACED and DART Acts, the FTC is ramping up enforcement of robocall violations against consumers. In 2 major cases, companies engaged in fraudulent telemarketing activities have been fined and penalized for their actions.

Phone Number Monitoring Protects Reputation
September 30, 2020

How Phone Number Monitoring Protects Your Reputation

With increased regulations, call centers are having a harder time adapting and compete. Call spoofing and erroneous phone number flags are among the latest issues call centers have to deal with. Monitoring your numbers is key to protecting your reputation.

Dialing Architecture Ready for Attestation Rating
September 9, 2020

Is Your Dialing Architecture Ready for Attestation Rating?

Part of the call authentication features in STIR/SHAKEN is the implementation of attestation ratings in a phone call. This will help carriers identify the legitimacy of a caller's origin and authorize their use of the phone number and caller ID made on outbound calls.

Register Phone Numbers with CNAM
September 2, 2020

Why Organizations Should Register Phone Numbers with Carriers

Caller ID spoofing is a threat most businesses and organizations can face if they have contact centers. While there has been an uptick in legitimate businesses receiving flags on their numbers, one method to mitigate reputation damages is by registering your numbers with CNAM repositories.

Call Authentication in Modern Telephony Network
August 26, 2020

Call Authentication is Necessary for the Modern Telephony Network

Modern telephony has evolved quite a bit throughout the decades. Today VoIP is increasing becoming a popular option for calls due to its cost effectiveness. Call authentication is crucial to implement security, however this could hurt your business as well.