5 Dialing Practices That Can Get Your Numbers Flagged
January 25, 2023

5 Dialing Practices That Can Get Your Numbers Flagged

Dialing habits strongly influence how your caller ID displays in the age of call-blocking apps, STIR/SHAKEN, and attestation ratings. Avoid these old dialing practices and engage in caller ID maintenance.

The Power of Consumers Call Blocking and Labeling
October 12, 2022

The Power of Consumers: Call Blocking and Labeling

Call blocking and labeling came about to protect consumers from unwanted robocalls. While the roll out of STIR/SHAKEN has minimized call spoofing attemtps, it has done little to actually curb the threat of robocalls.

Why Data Hygiene is Essential in Outbound Dialing
August 10, 2022

Why Data Hygiene Is Essential in Outbound Dialing

Data hygiene is essential to ensuring your contact center operates seamlessly. By cleaning up dirty data, your agents will save time contacting prospects and leads. Additionally, your company can avoid fines and penalties.