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Keeping productivity high in sales often means speaking to more people. However, in this technological forefront, rapport and follow-ups make a tremendous impact. Whether you’re in inside sales, outside sales, or high-pressure sales any beneficial information is welcome. Read more with topics about increasing contact ratios, utilizing the proper software, and training your sales team.

Vanity Number Vs Toll Free Number
April 15, 2020

Why You Should Stop Dialing on Your Vanity Number

Vanity numbers provide branding for your company's phone numbers and are often seen on billboards, business cards and jingles. While particularly effective for inbound calls, they provide little benefit for outbound dialing. Replace your vanity numbers with toll free numbers for outbound dialing.

Increase Answer Rates
April 1, 2020

Best Tools and Practices to Increase Your Call Center’s Answer Rates

Call centers rely on their ability to successfully contact and convert leads into customers. There are a variety of obstacles to overcome in order to achieve this however. These tips on proper tools and practices can help increase answer rates for your business and result in better quality lead management.

Caller ID Management in Remote Call Center
March 25, 2020

Caller ID Management Tips for Remote Call Center Campaigns

With a rise in the popularity of remote call centers, managing your outbound dialing campaigns is essential to ensure your business is hitting it's KPI marks appropriately. Caller ID management is one aspect of remote campaigns that is often overlooked.

Your Calling List Can Get Your Numbers Flagged
March 11, 2020

How to Avoid Getting Numbers Flagged From the Wrong Calling List

Your calling list is an essential facet of your outbound dialing campaign. However taking the time to prune existing list and the methods to acquire data can enhance your campaigns and build rapport. All too often, bad or poorly managed lists negatively impact outbound dialing campaigns.

Manage Outbound Dialing Campaign
December 25, 2019

Minimize Your Flag Risk with These Outbound Dialing Campaign Essentials

Running a successful outbound dialing campaign can pose a variety of obstacles. Getting your phone numbers flagged as "spam risk" or "scam likely" can ruin your campaign before it even starts. These tips will help you maintain your business' reputation for outbound dialing.

Virtual Call Center
December 4, 2019

Should Your Business Utilize a Virtual Call Center?

Utilizing a virtual call center for inbound and outbound calls can provide a number of benefits for your business. Not only do these help to cut overhead costs but when deployed correctly VCCs can also reduce your calling agent turn over rates.

Holiday Call Backs for Customer Service
October 30, 2019

Managing Holiday Call-Backs for Customer Service and Sales Teams

During the holiday season, frustrations can reach high levels with both consumers and businesses. The last thing people want to do is wait in lines or on hold over the phone. Implementing a system for call backs helps to streamline your service and prevent the need for customers to wait on hold.

Managing Call Center Outsourcing
October 9, 2019

How to Manage Your Reputation When Call Center Outsourcing

Call center outsourcing can be a great way to cut on costs and expand your business. However, maintaining your business' reputation can pose unforeseen challenges in this process. Finding the right strategy to manage your agents and reputation is key when deciding to outsource.

October 2, 2019

When Your Calling Agents Get Bored You Pay the Price

Keeping your calling agents engaged and productive is essential for the success of your business. Selecting the proper sales productivity tools for your business helps to improve your agents morale and productivity.

Scam Likely Caller ID
August 14, 2019

You’re Not Building Rapport When “Scam Likely” is Showing

Building solid relationships with customers is tough when "scam likely" displays with your caller ID. What are you supposed to do to stop it? Even if your calls aren't flagged or blocked, monitoring your phone numbers' reputation is vital to maintaining sales goals. Read here on how to check for flagged numbers and get some rapport building tips for when you're in the clear.