Why is Call Spoofing Legal? Ethical Uses for Call Masking

Call spoofing is often reported on in the news relating to cases of fraud or scams. However the act of spoofing or masking a number is not technically illegal. Here's how these dialing practices are being used ethically by some major business and services you might rely on.

November 13, 2019

How to Manage Your Reputation When Call Center Outsourcing

Call center outsourcing can be a great way to cut on costs and expand your business. However, maintaining your business' reputation can pose unforeseen challenges in this process. Finding the right strategy to manage your agents and reputation is key when deciding to outsource.

October 9, 2019

Even Political Dialing Can Lead To A Tarnished Phone Number Reputation

The advancement of technology has played a roll in how political campaigns reach their parties. The history of political calling has let cold calling to be a preferred method of contact in recent years. While there are special FCC rules for politics and non-profits, their calls can still get blocked. Find out how to ensure compliance and keep calls going out.

August 28, 2019

You’re Not Building Rapport When “Scam Likely” is Showing

Building solid relationships with customers is tough when "scam likely" displays with your caller ID. What are you supposed to do to stop it? Even if your calls aren't flagged or blocked, monitoring your phone numbers' reputation is vital to maintaining sales goals. Read here on how to check for flagged numbers and get some rapport building tips for when you're in the clear.

August 14, 2019