When are Emergency Robocalls Essential to the Public?

Robocalls have become widely stigmatized in telecommunications, but now more than ever it has been deemed that they are an essential means of emergency messaging delivery. In light of COVID-19 the FCC has determined a criteria for the types of robocalls that are considered both legal and essential.

May 27, 2020

Top Call Blocking Apps and Features for 2020

With a surge of robocalls in recent years, call blocking apps have been sprouting up for consumers and evolving. Recently carriers have been forced to get involved due to new regulations from the FCC. These are a list of carrier and third party call blocking apps for 2020.

April 29, 2020

Are These Common Telemarketing Mistakes Wrecking Your Reputation?

The telemarketing industry is constantly evolving. Regulations, ethics, dialing practice and technology all play factors in how the industry standards update. Don't let your old practices ruin our business' reputation by falling into these common telemarketing mistakes in the modern dialing age.

April 22, 2020