Segmentation for Call Center Campaign Management

May 20, 2020

Segmenting Data for Call Center Campaign Management

Data segmentation is an important aspect of a call center's campaign management. By refining your data and employing the proper tools and processes campaigns can be honed for better conversion rates. Using these guidelines can help improve campaign efficience and ROI.

DNC Compliance and Your Business Reputation

July 24, 2019

Follow DNC Compliance to Keep Your Business Reputation Clean

DNC registries create all kinds of headaches for companies doing any outbound calling. There are federal, state, and internal lists to keep updated and abide by. Maintaining DNC compliance not only avoids fines but also builds your reputation with your clients. Find out how.

phone number management

March 13, 2019

How Successful Companies Are Managing Large Phone Number Pools

You need to make use of a wide pool of phone numbers when dialing your database. As technology advances, consumers receive more and more control over the numbers that contact them. It’s easier now than before for your outbound number to end up on a blocked numbers list.