Auditing Your Rich All Data with Device Cloud
March 2, 2022

Auditing Your Rich Call Data (RCD) With Device Cloud

Rich call data, working with STIR/SHAKEN tokens, has the potential to revolutionize how caller ID displays. However, when it reaches consumers businesses should take steps to audit how their RCD displays on consumer phones.

FCC Reassigned Number Database
September 16, 2020

Reassigned Number Database Aims to Minimize Unsolicited Calls

Everyone hates unwanted calls, but calls to the wrong numbers are just as frustrating. The FCC is mandating the creation of the Reassigned Number Database to help these issues. Companies can scrub their lists to remove numbers that have been recently disconnected or reassigned.

SMS Spoofing Targets Legitimate Organizations
August 5, 2020

SMS Spoofing Scams Target Reputable Organizations

Phishing attacks are one of the most common tactics scammers use to try to defraud consumers. SMS spoofing is just another tool scammers use in their arsenal to target customers and businesses alike. These are the common scams and targets of "smishing" attacks.

Benefits of Blended Call Centers
June 24, 2020

The Business Enhancing Benefits of Blended Call Centers

Blended call centers provide opportunities to improve the customers' experience. Automated call routing and skill based routing ensures customers reach agents with the appropriate skill level to resolve issues. Outbound calls also benefit agents from enhanced data forecasting.

Segmentation for Call Center Campaign Management
May 20, 2020

Segmenting Data for Call Center Campaign Management

Data segmentation is an important aspect of a call center's campaign management. By refining your data and employing the proper tools and processes campaigns can be honed for better conversion rates. Using these guidelines can help improve campaign efficience and ROI.

Virtual Call Center Tools While Working at Home
May 6, 2020

Virtual Call Center Tools to Help Your Employees Work From Home

Staying on top of employees while they are working from home can be difficult. Using the right incentive programs along with good communication and educational tools can help your call center excel with remote employees. These tips and tools can make your business successful.

Avoid These Common Telemarketing Mistakes
April 22, 2020

Are These Common Telemarketing Mistakes Wrecking Your Reputation?

The telemarketing industry is constantly evolving. Regulations, ethics, dialing practice and technology all play factors in how the industry standards update. Don't let your old practices ruin our business' reputation by falling into these common telemarketing mistakes in the modern dialing age.

Increase Answer Rates
April 1, 2020

Best Tools and Practices to Increase Your Call Center’s Answer Rates

Call centers rely on their ability to successfully contact and convert leads into customers. There are a variety of obstacles to overcome in order to achieve this however. These tips on proper tools and practices can help increase answer rates for your business and result in better quality lead management.

Political Phone Banking
February 26, 2020

How to Use Political Phone Banking Successfully

During an election year, canvassing is crucial to spread your message to a targeted demographic. Political phone banking is one form of canvassing used to reach out to constituents for voter support, awareness or fund raising activities.

VICIdial Integrations Business Management
February 5, 2020

Do Your VICIdial Integrations Protect Your Reputation?

VICIdial is an open source software that is used around the world to meet your dialing solutions. With its popularity, a variety of VICIdial integrations are available to customize your dialing solutions as needed. However, maintaining your business' reputation while using VICIdial is essential.