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October 14, 2020

Is Least Call Routing Flagging Your Phone Numbers?

Telemarketing often seeks to lower cost and improve profits. However some methods, although effective in the past, might end up hurting your business. Least call routing could be affecting your calls' attestation rating resulting in unwanted flags.

FCC Reassigned Number Database
September 16, 2020

Reassigned Number Database Aims to Minimize Unsolicited Calls

Everyone hates unwanted calls, but calls to the wrong numbers are just as frustrating. The FCC is mandating the creation of the Reassigned Number Database to help these issues. Companies can scrub their lists to remove numbers that have been recently disconnected or reassigned.

Call Authentication in Modern Telephony Network
August 26, 2020

Call Authentication is Necessary for the Modern Telephony Network

Modern telephony has evolved quite a bit throughout the decades. Today VoIP is increasing becoming a popular option for calls due to its cost effectiveness. Call authentication is crucial to implement security, however this could hurt your business as well.

SMS Spoofing Targets Legitimate Organizations
August 5, 2020

SMS Spoofing Scams Target Reputable Organizations

Phishing attacks are one of the most common tactics scammers use to try to defraud consumers. SMS spoofing is just another tool scammers use in their arsenal to target customers and businesses alike. These are the common scams and targets of "smishing" attacks.

Top 5 Reasons Consumers Flag Nuisance Calls
July 29, 2020

Top 5 Reasons Consumers Flag Nuisance Calls

Fed up with endless robocalls, consumers are not hesitant to flag numbers from unwanted calls. These calling techniques could be hurting your business and increase the likelyhood your numbers get flagged as "Spam Risk", "Scam Likely" or "Nuisance Call".

Vishing Scams Plague Consumers
July 1, 2020

Despite Legislation, Vishing Scams Still Plague Consumers

"Vishing", or voice phishing, are scams conducted via telephone to try to defraud consumers. Typically these employ caller ID spoofing or SMS spoofing to try to appear legitimate. While legislation to stop robocalls has been passed, this hasn't stopped the millions of scam calls annually.

Virtual Call Center Tools While Working at Home
May 6, 2020

Virtual Call Center Tools to Help Your Employees Work From Home

Staying on top of employees while they are working from home can be difficult. Using the right incentive programs along with good communication and educational tools can help your call center excel with remote employees. These tips and tools can make your business successful.

Top Call Blocking Apps
April 29, 2020

Top Call Blocking Apps and Features for 2020

With a surge of robocalls in recent years, call blocking apps have been sprouting up for consumers and evolving. Recently carriers have been forced to get involved due to new regulations from the FCC. These are a list of carrier and third party call blocking apps for 2020.