February 16, 2022

T-Mobile Scam Shield Strives to Keep Consumers Protected

The T-Mobile 2021 Scam and Robocall Report provides evidence for what you probably already suspected: Scam attempts continue to plague American consumers. T-Mobile’s research shows that scam attempts increased 116% between 2020 and 2021. People don’t trust unknown phone numbers anymore, and that’s costing businesses a lot of money.

T-Mobile's Scam Shield Keeps Consumers Protected

Development of Scam Shield

T-Mobile started tackling the problem in mid-2020 with Scam Shield, a built-in service that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to stop problematic calls before they reach T-Mobile users.

How well has the service worked? Can T-Mobile customers trust Scam Shield to block all potentially dangerous calls? If so, how does that impact companies that need to reach their customers about paying bills, new products, discount opportunities, and other important information?

A lot of questions surround this recent technology. Let’s take a closer look at how Scam Shield works and how it will affect you.

How Does Scam Shield Help Consumers

T-Mobile says that Scam Shield identified and blocked 21 billion scam calls in 2021, averaging about 1.8 billion calls per month.

Scam Shield can work so effectively because it uses five layers of security to block problematic calls.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The most critical protections come from Scam Shields machine learning and artificial intelligence. The system reviews calling patterns to identify potential scams. Once discovered, the offensive number goes into a database that gets updated every six minutes.

Block or Receive Potential Threats

Scam Shield lets you receive calls from potential threats. When these calls come in, though, you get a warning that helps you take caution.

You can also use Scam Block to prevent those calls from ever reaching your phone. The downside is that you could miss calls from numbers that have been inaccurately labeled as scams or robocalls. However, you can turn the call-blocking feature off and on whenever you want.

Improved Caller ID

With some services, you only know who calls when you have their information stored in your phone. If a number isn’t in your phone, you might only get basic information, such as the caller’s approximate location.

Scam Shield gives your phone access to a comprehensive database that will display the information of more callers. You’ll get the names and locations attached to numbers, even when you haven’t saved those numbers in your phone.

Improve Your Privacy With a Proxy Number

Calling the wrong number could compromise your security. If you return a call from a scammer, that group will have your real number, which means they’ll keep pestering you.

A proxy number from Scam Shield hides your actual phone number so fraudsters can’t identify you or your number’s legitimacy.

Start Over With a New Number

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and several carriers have implemented useful technology that helps reduce the number of unwanted calls consumers receive. Unfortunately, some calls slip through.

If you find that you still get a lot of annoying calls after turning on Scam Shield, you can get a new number and start fresh. Scam Shield will let you get one free number per year.

Robocall Statistics for 2021

T-Mobile’s 2021 Scam and Robocall Report takes a deeper dive into the numbers to reveal some upsetting — and some interesting — trends. For example:

  • The number of scam calls per month more than doubled during 2021. In January, scammers made 1.1 billion call attempts. In November, they attempted to place 2.5 billion calls.
  • Dallas-Fort Worth gets more scam calls (214,832,210) than any other metro area.
  • Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and Texas get more scam calls than other states.
  • More than half (51%) of scam calls are about fake vehicle warranties.
  • About 10% of scam calls claim that they represent the Social Security Administration.
  • The number of scam calls drops about 80% during the weekends.
  • Scammers take holidays! Calls increase significantly during the six weeks leading up to Christmas, but then they drop off substantially after December 23.

Scam Shield provides an excellent option for consumers to protect themselves from the increasingly aggressive and numerous scam calls.

As a business that relies on outgoing calls, Scam Shield might concern you. What if it takes an overly vigilant approach that comes between you and your customer?

Importance of A-Attestation

STIR/SHAKEN attestation ratings make it possible for you to protect your numbers’ reputations and continue reaching consumers. As long as you don’t get flagged or attract negative labels, defeating scammers gives you a better chance of connecting with your customers. When people feel confident that they won’t get scammed, they will answer much more often.

Protect your numbers’ reputations by:

There are three attestation ratings: A (Full Attestation), B (Partial Attestation), and C (Gateway Attestation). Your outbound numbers need an A ranking to reach customers. Without an A-Attestation rating, you will find that a lot of people do not answer your calls. Their carriers and third-party apps might even warn them not to answer.

Check Your Attestation Rating

Before you start your next outbound dialing campaign, recruit help from Caller ID Reputation’s Call Tester feature. Call Tester shows the attestation rating of your outbound number.

In addition, our Device Cloud service does more than monitor your numbers for flags. It sends you screenshots from real devices receiving calls from your numbers. Finally, you get to see what consumers see on their screens when you dial them.

The Device Cloud includes screenshots from dozens of devices and carriers. When you see the images, you know what attestation level your numbers have.

Contact Caller ID Reputation To Get Started

T-Mobile and some other large companies have done terrific work to block robocalls and improve consumer confidence. Smaller businesses don’t always have those resources, though, so they find themselves stuck in limbo.

You don’t have to let luck impact your outreach campaigns. Know how your numbers affect your brand’s reputation.

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