May 29, 2024

Somos RealNumber® DNO Integrated in TransNexus NexOSS Software Platform

Somos RealNumber® DNO Integrated in TransNexus NexOSS Software Platform

Voice service providers and their customers now have a more robust tool to combat caller ID spoofing, also called number spoofing. As scammers continue to target legitimate business phone numbers to defraud consumers, companies using the TransNexus NexOSS platform can integrate Somos’ RealNumber® DNO (Do Not Originate) dataset with the software suite to help protect their inbound numbers.

Taking advantage of the integration means that companies can block outbound calls that supposedly originate from inbound-only numbers. Blocking these calls should help reduce fraud attempts and improve brand reputations for businesses.

TransNexus Integrates RealNumber® DNO Datasets

TransNexus announced the software integration in early May 2024.

In the press release, Somos Senior Director of Business Development, Bill LaRuffa, says the company “is thrilled to welcome TransNexus as an Authorized Distributor for RealNumber DNO” because “the TransNexus NexOSS platform makes deployment of RealNumber DNO for robocall blocking and mitigation fast and affordable.” He cited NexOSS’s ability to scale rapidly as a significant benefit to high-volume wholesalers and retail service providers.

The RealNumber® DNO dataset currently includes about 6 billion DNO numbers. After integrating the dataset with TransNexus NexOSS, service providers can protect their clients and consumers from scams that attempt to spoof registered numbers.

Mitigating Fraud With RealNumber® DNO

RealNumber® DNO mitigates fraud by keeping a record of inbound-only telephone numbers. Organizations often have dedicated inbound and outbound numbers. For example, a contact center might have a group of inbound numbers customers use to reach agents. The contact center will have a separate set of outbound numbers it uses to contact leads.

The contact center will want to register its outbound numbers so consumers can see accurate caller ID information. Since the inbound numbers are never used to contact customers, though, they don’t need rich call data. Instead, you can put them in a do-not-originate database that tells service providers never to originate calls from those numbers. Ideally, that means scammers can’t spoof your inbound numbers to defraud consumers.

What Is NexOSS?

NexOSS is a suite of VoIP software applications developed to help users embrace STIR/SHAKEN call authentication, analyze traffic, mitigate robocalls, and prevent fraud.

Many companies use NexOSS because it provides least-cost call routing options that optimize call quality while keeping costs as low as possible. NexOSS’s SIP destination functionality also makes it an attractive option for service providers. The combination of features helps companies follow FCC guidelines, improve customer services, prevent fraud, and lower the amount of robocalls that annoy consumers.

Protecting Your Business Phone Numbers

It’s important to recognize that RealNumber® DNO only includes inbound numbers. The dataset doesn’t list any of the outbound numbers your company uses to connect with leads and customers.

NexOSS and RealNumber® DNO integration take a significant step toward stopping number spoofing, but it still leaves your outbound numbers unprotected. Criminals will always try to adapt to new security standards that make fraud more difficult, so they are likely to redouble their attempts to spoof outbound numbers.

Phone Number Monitoring Services

Phone number monitoring fills in the gaps to protect your numbers—inbound and outbound—from spoofing attempts.

Caller ID Reputation’s Device Cloud solution makes it easy for you to fight scammers. Device Cloud takes screenshots from real smartphones connected to real service providers. This shows you precisely what appears on caller ID screens. If you see inaccurate data, negative labels, or flags, you can take immediate action to remediate the situation.

As a Caller ID Reputation member, you get further protection from fraud alerts. When caller IDs display negative or incorrect information about your number, you receive a notification. From there, you can take a closer look to determine how to proceed. You might need to redress phone number flags with carriers and change some of your dialing behaviors to avoid future labels.

Number spoofing can ruin a business’s reputation, making it harder for you to connect with leads and give customers the services they deserve. Get started with Caller ID Reputation today to protect your numbers’ reputations.