January 3, 2024

Rich Call Data Registration for Caller ID Accuracy

Rich Call Data Registration for Caller ID Accuracy

Higher answer rates are essential to successful outbound calling campaigns. Today’s consumers often refuse to answer a call from an unknown or questionable number due to years of receiving illegitimate calls.

That’s why having your caller ID display accurate information for consumers can considerably increase answer rates. When they recognize a legitimate company, they are more likely to engage with your representative. Your agents will then have a better chance to close a sale.

You can take firm steps to improve your engagement with consumers. Registering and auditing rich call data for your business can help ensure your calls display accurately for your call recipients. You will have a higher answer rate and sell more of your goods and services when you use RCD.

Importance of Rich Call Data (RCD)

In 2022, consumers lost around $40 billion to robocall fraud. The pervasiveness of these illegal efforts has trained consumers not to answer unknown calls. In fact, 58% of call recipients will not answer their phones unless they know who initiated the call. Many legitimate businesses have suffered due to this reality.

Rich call data (RCD) offers your business a better way to identify yourself to consumers. Since the rollout of STIR/SHAKEN, rich call data can be relayed between service providers to display more accurate and detailed caller ID information. This information may include the caller’s display name, a company logo, and the call intent. This level of detail reassures call recipients and encourages them to answer their phones.

Who Provides Rich Call Data?

RCD is relayed by the originating service provider to the receiving provider. A SHAKEN PASSporT digitally signs RCD during the call authentication process. The PASSporT, or Personal ASSertion Token, carries all of the information necessary for the authentication of calls. With this method, providers can more accurately verify the caller ID information for display.

Registering Your Rich Call Data

RCD information is typically given to your service provider. Registering your business information with them allows your RCD to display on available networks and devices, which encourages consumers to answer your calls.

Enhanced Caller ID Services

Most large carriers now offer enhanced caller ID services to their clients. These services allow businesses to register additional information for service providers to display. This information typically includes:

  • Business Name
  • Company Logo
  • Reason for Call
  • Verified Status

Enhanced caller ID works by looking up information on calls not on the recipient’s contact list. It will search public repositories and/or carrier databases. When the software locates the data, it is displayed on the consumer’s caller ID.

Auditing Your RCD with Device Cloud

Caller ID Reputation’s Device Cloud service allows your business to audit how your caller ID displays on real devices and networks. It provides a screenshot of your caller ID information as it appears on these different networks and devices. You are then able to verify that the information is correct and helpful to the consumer.

Occasionally, your calls may display your RCD on one network or device but not on others. Incorrect data can quickly reduce your outbound campaign’s answer rate, ultimately harming your company’s bottom line. Auditing your RCD regularly is essential to ensure your caller ID information displays accurately for consumers.

CNAM Registration is Still Important

While RCD can relay detailed information about a call, landlines cannot receive this information. As such, it is still essential to ensure your numbers are registered in a CNAM database. CNAM, or Caller ID Name data, identifies callers by individual or business names. By registering your number information, you create a connection between the phone number data and the caller ID data.

When you place a call, the terminating service provider looks up the CNAM data as long as it’s in a scannable database. While RCD eliminates much of the need for CNAM on cell phones, it’s still important for landline calls. Until this situation changes, you need to keep your CNAM registration up-to-date.

Rich Call Data Cultivates Consumer Confidence

Rich call data is another sophisticated tool for cultivating consumer confidence in your phone calls. Years of spam and scam calls have eroded people’s trust, so much so that many hesitate to answer any unknown call. RCD adds details to your caller ID information that help verify the call as legitimate. Your call recipients feel more secure and are more likely to answer their phones. As a result, you can expect a higher conversion rate. Your company’s reputation is also better protected.

Caller ID Reputation offers tools to monitor flags on your phone numbers, and our Device Cloud tool lets you audit how your RCD displays. Contact us for more information on these advanced products.