States Pass Anti-Robocall Laws

January 29, 2020

Fighting Spoofing: States Are Passing Their Own Robocall Laws

Robocalls are not just a nuisance for consumers, spammers are using robocalls and caller ID spoofing to defraud millions of dollars annually. While federal regulations are being put in place, states are passing their own laws to help protect their residents.

College Call Spoofing Scams

January 22, 2020

College Call Spoofing Scams Target Students and Institutions

Colleges are seeing a rise in call spoofing scams targeting students and other individuals. Scammers are spoofing college phone numbers, or in some cases even the FBIs' numbers in attempts to defraud current and former students.

DART Act Curbs Unwanted Robocalls

January 15, 2020

DART Act: Senate Curbs Unwanted Robocalls With Two New Bills

The Senate is working on new legislation to combat robocalls. Recently, the DART Act passed in the Senate and they are working to push the Protection from Robocalling Act. These two bills will help supplement the TRACED Act recently passed to implement the SHAKEN/STIR framework.

Hospital Spoofing Scams Effect Healthcare Industry

January 8, 2020

Why Healthcare Industries are Getting Flagged as Scam Likely

The healthcare industry has been targeted by scammers through elaborate call spoofing campaigns. As a result, some hospitals and healthcare professionals are having difficulties reaching patients as their phone numbers are showing up as "scam likely".

Dialing Practices Flag You Spam Risk

January 1, 2020

Dialing Practices that Can Flag You As a Spam Risk

Businesses placing outbound calls are at risk for getting their phone numbers flagged as "spam risk" or "scam likely". Using correct outbound dialing practices can help mitigate your risk of getting your phone numbers flagged.

Manage Outbound Dialing Campaign

December 25, 2019

Minimize Your Flag Risk with These Outbound Dialing Campaign Essentials

Running a successful outbound dialing campaign can pose a variety of obstacles. Getting your phone numbers flagged as "spam risk" or "scam likely" can ruin your campaign before it even starts. These tips will help you maintain your business' reputation for outbound dialing.

Call Blocking Apps Data

December 18, 2019

Call Blocking Apps – What Do They Say about Your Number?

With the upcoming implementation of SHAKEN/STIR, carriers are seeking data to collect data for numbers flagged as "spam risk" or "scam likely". Call blocking apps have this data already available for many carriers to use. However, fragmentation of this data could cause your phone numbers to display flagged on some carriers but not others.

TRACED Act Combats Robocalls

December 11, 2019

TRACED Act: Anti-Robocall Bill Passed by the House

The TRACED Act recently passed in the House and Senate and was signed into law by the President. With the passage of the TRACED Act, the FCC and carriers are on step closer to rolling out the SHAKEN/STIR framework to combat robocalls and scammers.

Virtual Call Center

December 4, 2019

Should Your Business Utilize a Virtual Call Center?

Utilizing a virtual call center for inbound and outbound calls can provide a number of benefits for your business. Not only do these help to cut overhead costs but when deployed correctly VCCs can also reduce your calling agent turn over rates.

Telemarketing Script Could Get You Flagged

November 27, 2019

Your Telemarketing Script Could Get You Flagged

Your telemarketing script is the introduction for your leads to your business. Employing a great script can be the difference in converting leads. Following call compliance and etiquette standards can also help reduce the likelihood of your outbound calls being flagged as spam or scam likely.