September 11, 2019

Is Somebody Using Your Caller ID to Deceive Prospects?

Your phone numbers could be used for caller ID spoofing without your knowledge, getting them flagged as spam and scam likely. See how you can protect your business from this deceptive practice used by scammers and spammers.

September 4, 2019

This Key Feature is Often Neglected in Visual Branding

There are aspects of visual branding that can easily be overlooked. Some companies are so concerned with modern technology that they neglect branding features that have been available for decades. Learn more about this key feature.

Political Dialing

August 28, 2019

Even Political Dialing Can Lead To A Tarnished Phone Number Reputation

The advancement of technology has played a roll in how political campaigns reach their parties. The history of political calling has let cold calling to be a preferred method of contact in recent years. While there are special FCC rules for politics and non-profits, their calls can still get blocked. Find out how to ensure compliance and keep calls going out.

Scam Likely Caller ID

August 14, 2019

You’re Not Building Rapport When “Scam Likely” is Showing

Building solid relationships with customers is tough when "scam likely" displays with your caller ID. What are you supposed to do to stop it? Even if your calls aren't flagged or blocked, monitoring your phone numbers' reputation is vital to maintaining sales goals. Read here on how to check for flagged numbers and get some rapport building tips for when you're in the clear.

Cold Calling Script Shocked Telemarketer

August 7, 2019

Your Cold Call Script Is Better Than You Think

The key to any cold calling strategy is a good script. So, when you see conversion rates falling, you might think your script needs adjusting. What if there is another problem and your calls aren't even making it to their destination. That may be happening right now without your knowledge. Is your cold calling script better than you think?

carrier flagged numbers

July 31, 2019

The Phone Numbers You Just Purchased Could Already Be Flagged Spam

When you buy a batch of new DIDs you need to make sure they are clean and ready to use. If the carrier you are buying numbers from rotates them back in after they have been released, then there is a chance they are delivering you some numbers that are already flagged. Learn how to ensure your new numbers are fresh and ready.

DNC Compliance and Your Business Reputation

July 24, 2019

Follow DNC Compliance to Keep Your Business Reputation Clean

DNC registries create all kinds of headaches for companies doing any outbound calling. There are federal, state, and internal lists to keep updated and abide by. Maintaining DNC compliance not only avoids fines but also builds your reputation with your clients. Find out how.

Register Your Phone Number To Your EIN

July 3, 2019

The Benefits of Registering Your Phone Numbers to a Physical Address

2019 marks the implementation of new robocall defenses set in place by the government and consumer solutions. As SHAKEN/STIR aims to put a stop to spam calls by verifying phone calls with information in public databases, it may flag legitimate businesses. Find out how matching your phone number to your state registered business information helps you pass the test.