Call Origination Combats Robocalls

June 17, 2020

Call Origination: The Key to Stopping Robocalls

Robocalls continue to be a nuisance despite increased legislation. As a result, players in the telecom industry are developing technology that can block spoofed calls before they connect to the end user. The key to this technology is by authenticating the call origination of a phone call.

New Numbers Scam Likely

June 10, 2020

New Numbers Are Not Immune To Showing Up As Scam Likely

Purchasing numbers for your call center can feel like a fresh start for dialing. However most of the numbers purchased have likely been recycled. This can leave your business susceptible to dialing from numbers previously flagged and damage your reputation from the bad practices of the former owners.

TRACED Act Call Compliance Penalties

June 3, 2020

FCC Moves to Implement Call Compliance Penalties of Traced Act

The FCC has stepped up their efforts in enforcing penalties from the TRACED Act targeting robocallers. In their latest move to combat call spoofing, penalties will be issued on the first offence from the FCC bypassing the previous warning period for first time offenders.

FCC Regulations on Emergency Robocalls

May 27, 2020

When are Emergency Robocalls Essential to the Public?

Robocalls have become widely stigmatized in telecommunications, but now more than ever it has been deemed that they are an essential means of emergency messaging delivery. In light of COVID-19 the FCC has determined a criteria for the types of robocalls that are considered both legal and essential.

Segmentation for Call Center Campaign Management

May 20, 2020

Segmenting Data for Call Center Campaign Management

Data segmentation is an important aspect of a call center's campaign management. By refining your data and employing the proper tools and processes campaigns can be honed for better conversion rates. Using these guidelines can help improve campaign efficience and ROI.

Virtual Call Center Tools While Working at Home

May 6, 2020

Virtual Call Center Tools to Help Your Employees Work From Home

Staying on top of employees while they are working from home can be difficult. Using the right incentive programs along with good communication and educational tools can help your call center excel with remote employees. These tips and tools can make your business successful.

Top Call Blocking Apps

April 29, 2020

Top Call Blocking Apps and Features for 2020

With a surge of robocalls in recent years, call blocking apps have been sprouting up for consumers and evolving. Recently carriers have been forced to get involved due to new regulations from the FCC. These are a list of carrier and third party call blocking apps for 2020.

Avoid These Common Telemarketing Mistakes

April 22, 2020

Are These Common Telemarketing Mistakes Wrecking Your Reputation?

The telemarketing industry is constantly evolving. Regulations, ethics, dialing practice and technology all play factors in how the industry standards update. Don't let your old practices ruin our business' reputation by falling into these common telemarketing mistakes in the modern dialing age.

Vanity Number Vs Toll Free Number

April 15, 2020

Why You Should Stop Dialing on Your Vanity Number

Vanity numbers provide branding for your company's phone numbers and are often seen on billboards, business cards and jingles. While particularly effective for inbound calls, they provide little benefit for outbound dialing. Replace your vanity numbers with toll free numbers for outbound dialing.