Auditing Your Rich All Data with Device Cloud
March 2, 2022

Auditing Your Rich Call Data (RCD) With Device Cloud

Rich call data, working with STIR/SHAKEN tokens, has the potential to revolutionize how caller ID displays. However, when it reaches consumers businesses should take steps to audit how their RCD displays on consumer phones.

T-Mobile's Scam Shield Keeps Consumers Protected
February 16, 2022

T-Mobile Scam Shield Strives to Keep Consumers Protected

T-Mobile's efforts to protect consumers developed their robocall blocking technology "Scam Shield". As consumers receive more power to filter and block their calls, your caller ID is more important than ever when conducting outreach campaigns.

How Flagged Calls and Unknown Calls Affect Answer Rates
February 9, 2022

How Do Flagged Calls and Unknown Calls Affect Answer Rates?

Dialing with flagged numbers will make it nearly impossible to reach new leads or even existing customers. However, dialing from an unknown number can be almost as detrimental. These are some ways flagged and unknown numbers affect answer rates.

Phone Number Reputation is Integral for Brand Reputation
February 2, 2022

Phone Number Reputation is Integral to Your Brand Reputation

Your brand reputation can be the deciding factor in the success of your outbound campaigns. While branding is essential, phone number reputation is often overlooked in this. These are some reasons why you should prioritize your phone number reputation.

What Do Phone Number Flags Actually Mean?
January 12, 2022

What Do Phone Number Flags Actually Mean?

Phone number flags have the potential to ruin your business reputation. But how do numbers actually get flagged? Understanding what flags on your phone numbers actually mean can help improve your dialing reputation.

13 Crucial Statistics in the State of Telecom
January 5, 2022

13 Crucial Stats on the State of Telecom Today

Robocalls have lowered consumer confidence, especially in answering unknown calls. Throughout 2021, a variety of factors have affected the telecom space. These are some key trends and statistics you should be aware of for your contact center.