The Benefits of Registering Your Phone Numbers to a Physical Address

2019 marks the implementation of new robocall defenses set in place by the government and consumer solutions. As SHAKEN/STIR aims to put a stop to spam calls by verifying phone calls with information in public databases, it may flag legitimate businesses. Find out how matching your phone number to your state registered business information helps you pass the test.

July 3, 2019

Phone Number Protection Starts with Your Caller ID

Be careful when you display your phone number on a phone call. Separate your inbound and outbound numbers so valuable phone numbers don't get flagged as spam. Phone number protection starts with careful management of your caller ID.

June 5, 2019

Auto-Swapping Bad Phone Numbers With Twilio and Nexmo

Automated processes make your life easier and increase your profits. Did you realize you can automatically swap out any blocked numbers when you integrate with Twilio and Nexmo? If you use these services you need to find out how this feature saves you a headache.

May 22, 2019

Telltale Signs that Give Away a Spam Caller

If you run a call center you understand the impact that excessive spam calls had on answer rates. It’s difficult to get people picking up the phone if they don’t know your number. How can you avoid looking like a spammer when outbound dialing?

May 8, 2019