September 1, 2021

Outbound Dialing Tips for Call Centers in 2021

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Outbound Dialing Tips for 2021

While it’s true that robocalls have eroded consumer confidence, outbound calling remains one of the most effective and popular ways to acquire new leads. Since the public has little faith in incoming phone calls, your call center will need to follow some outbound dialing tips to meet campaign goals.

Below, we provide tips for agents and managers. Use as many of them as possible to improve your outreach.

Tips for Agents

Calling agents are often the first point of contact potential customers have with your business. Encourage them to use the following tips so they can reach more people and convert them from leads into clients.

Agent Training

Agent training creates a foundation for success. Agents need customer service training that teaches them how to communicate effectively and build trust with consumers.

Call agents might also need training before starting a new campaign. They should know every aspect of a product or service before they start talking to leads. The more confidently they can speak about the product, the more influence they will have over potential clients.

Use Awesome Scripts for Guidance

The best call scripts tend to provide guidance without dictating the specific words a call agent should say. Your agents should have scripts that serve as conversational outlines. Depending on the campaign and the person, the option to deviate from a script can create new opportunities for building a repertoire and converting leads.

Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Call agents need to speak to a household’s or business’s decision-maker. Unfortunately, the person who answers a call might not have that authority. How will your agents get past that “gatekeeper” to speak to the right person?

It helps to time calls so that a decision-marker will answer. Agents might need to call several times before reaching the right person.

You should also train your agents to empathize with people who answer the phone. Repeated calls might annoy them, which is understandable. Properly explaining the reason for the call can also make it easier to reach a person authorized to make household or business decisions.

Use Empathy

Robocalls have frustrated consumers and eroded their trust in outbound dialing. Most people answering the phone probably already have a negative attitude that makes communication difficult.

Learning to express empathy is one of the most effective outbound dialing tips an agent can use. When people express concern about robocalls, number spoofing, and scams, your agents should know how to respond in a way that puts consumers at ease.

Ask for Feedback

Even the best call center agent has room to improve. Encourage your employees to request feedback that can help them become even better at their jobs.

When managers provide feedback, they can help agents grow. The request for feedback also creates an opportunity for managers to spot untapped talent. After reviewing previous conversations, the manager could decide that additional training will prepare the agent for high-stake campaigns.

Tips for Managers

Managers can also follow plenty of outbound dialing tips to make their call centers more successful.

List Management

Do your call agents have a reliable list of leads? An outdated or illegitimate list does nothing but waste time and damage morale. Prune and scrub all lists so your agents can talk to legitimate leads who want to learn more about products and services.

Register Numbers to CNAM

CNAM (caller name) registration can make it much easier for your agents to reach leads. When you register your numbers with all carriers, they know that those numbers belong to a legitimate business that wants to reach its customers.

CNAM registration also helps ensure that caller IDs display accurate information, including your phone number and business name. Something as simple as seeing the name of a reputable business makes it much more likely that people will answer your outbound calls.

Scan Numbers Regularly

Unfortunately, CNAM registration doesn’t always work as intended. It can take weeks or months for a carrier to add your information to its system. By then, your numbers could already get flagged or blocked.

Call-blocking apps can also make it incredibly difficult for you to reach your leads. Even when carriers know you operate as a legitimate business, the apps can block your calls or flag your number. Apps rely on users to report numbers, which means even the slightest suspicion can damage a number’s reputation.

Once a number gets flagged, it becomes essentially useless for 60 to 90 days. If you let the number sit for a few months, it should cool off and drop its flags. At that point, it becomes usable again.

Scanning your numbers is the most reliable way to know whether they have been blocked or flagged. Don’t rely on controlling the number of dials a number makes per day. Call spoofing can damage your numbers without your knowledge.

Keep your call center and customers secure by scanning your numbers daily. Doing so will improve fraud risk detection in your call center and help you reach more leads.

Monitor KPI Metrics

Key performance indicator (KPI) metrics can help you determine whether your approach to a campaign reaches its goals. By monitoring KPIs, you could find ways to improve agent performance, dialer performance, campaign effectiveness, and other critical areas that might impact success. Subtle changes could lead to a higher conversion rate that makes your call center more successful.

Additionally, watching your KPIs can help you determine whether numbers have been flagged.

Optimizing Your Outbound Campaign

Call centers can face serious challenges when running outbound campaigns. Adopting the right tools and strategies can make your call center stand out in the industry. Contact Caller ID Reputation to learn more about how you can improve your campaign outreach and monitor number reputations.

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