October 30, 2019

Managing Holiday Call-Backs for Customer Service and Sales Teams

The holiday season presents call teams with lots of activity. Offers, discounts, deals, and huge sales create a busy business environment. Whether placing outbound calls to follow up with your customers or receiving inbound calls, ensuring your calls connect properly is imperative.

Holiday Call Backs for Customer Service

The call center activities can determine the direction of your business. It can mean doom or glory, and it all lies in both sales and customer service callbacks. Do you hand sales callbacks expertly? Are your customers satisfied with how the call center is run?

This article helps customer service and call teams on how to you manage holiday call backs.

Why Callbacks are Important with Increased Call Traffic

When business is booming with high activity, call-backs might seem less important. Handling all inbound calls alone may not prove useful, and you should couple it with a call-back service. Below are some ways in which call-backs are vital;

Customer Retention

Queuing callers is the best recipe for losing them. With no idea whether the calls will go through the line, customers have no option rather than hanging up. Long waits lead to the abandonment of calls. This is not excellent customer service!

Call back solutions help in reducing abandon rates. Have you ever opted for a call back than waiting in the queue? With business on peak and all agents tied to the neck, you can resolve the abandonment stalemate by investing in customer service call-backs. A simple message that explains to the customers that you are experiencing volumes of call works perfectly.

Offer a choice of calling back later and keep their place in your outbound queue. Many customers expect a call-back within 30 minutes. If you want to retain your customers, the call-back technology will help keep them within your domains.

Avoiding Hold Times

Customers also have a higher rate of hanging up when placed on hold. If an issue cannot be resolved promptly, it's better to have a call-back system in place. For some customers one minute is too big to hold on. A large percentage of customers believe that customer service agents should answer immediately.

It’s human nature to expect efficient interaction. With many callers not willing to wait unnecessarily, a call-back service can save the moment. It’s no brainer that customers appreciate the call-back option instead of holding on. If you want to avoid this problem, manage holiday calls using a call-back service.

Gathering Prospects

Many businesses thrive on prospects. Is your company trying to get new prospects? Being the first to respond will significantly increase your potential in landing leads. Additionally, follow-ups are imperative to sales success.

According to a study by Brevet, 80% of sales require follow-up calls. The firmness of the sales representatives after the initial purchase makes the difference. If your business considers customer views, it’s easier to offer better products for future prosperity.

Why Do Customers Prefer Call Backs For Customer Service Call Centers?

The customer is the most integral part of your business. Rather than forcing hundreds of customers in a queue, why not offer a call-back service? Below are some of the reasons why customers prefer call-backs;

Majority of Customers Don’t Like Waiting in Queues

Are the type that keeps customers in queues? If yes, this might not be a good idea, especially during the holiday season. 2 in every 3 customers prefer call backs than waiting in the queue. Queues feel boring and some customers simply disconnect calls when put in queues.

Being in queues is something many customers don’t like. However, you can avoid it easily. Rather than putting them in a queue, a customer service call-back service is imperative. Being in queues is something many customers don’t like.

The Need for Timely Response

Whether you are in the store, on another phone, or offline, customers care less. They want you to respond. This is why a large number of customers prefer call backs- and the quicker the better.

For example, if you are running a booking service, customers want to have their issues sorted in time. Call-back service is thus reasonable and makes customers feel some regard from your business.

Customers Want Options

Many call centers are always busy during holiday seasons. Instead of missing out on you and jumping into other options, they prefer call-back services. They expect companies to communicate in their preferred channels.

With call-backs, a company can reach out to customers and offer options. If you want to generate more leads, take advantage of call back services.

Majority of Customers Want a Personalized Experience

Many customers want to interact with businesses on a personal level. Personal interaction will makes customers trust your brands. Call-backs present a business as one that cares about its client base. This way, you will create a great customer experience and generate a liking among your customers.

Call-backs Are Free

Who doesn’t want to save a few bucks? Rather than using lots of money on airtime, many people prefer free call-backs rather than toll numbers. Many customers will settle on a free call-back whenever it comes along. Sales representatives can take advantage of call-backs to reach out to customers who don’t mind free calls.

Do Customer Service Call Backs Effect Outbound Sales?

Fostering relationships with customers through call backs increases their likelihood of choosing your brand. They feel loved, appreciated, and part of your business.

According to LinkedIn, 92% of all interactions happen over the phone. From solving customer problems to creating lasting relations, customer service call backs impact businesses significantly. If you want to raise your sales during the peak seasons, phone interactions are mandatory.

Below are some scenarios in which sales center call-backs effect outbound sales;

  • Sales representatives can pitch some products to customers
  • It is easier to offer alternatives
  • The customer service representative can reach to the caller’s expectations
  • Sellers can build brand reputation
  • It creates a platform for bargaining

These are some of the ways in which call-backs can increase your outbound sales. Using simple tactics, your call center can utilize call backs to maximize leads.

Maintaining Business Reputation by Practicing Ethical Calling

You can make the holiday productive with more sales by practicing ethical calling. Ensuring your telemarketers are following the FTC Telemarketing Sales Rules is also essential to ensure you aren't damaging your business' reputation. Your leads may have additional frustrations due to stress and responsibilities for the holidays. Engaging them the ethical way will yield better results with your outbound calls.

Ethical calling includes prompt oral disclosure. These telemarketing sales rules ought to be followed;

  • Seller identification
  • Statement of call purpose
  • Description of the products offered
  • Any instructions on promotions and winnings

If you are on a large generation campaign, following the FTC Telemarketing Sales Rules will streamline your processes. It will reduce cases of flagging and spamming.

Scanning Your Outbound Calls to Uphold Business Reputation

Regardless of the purpose or method of your call back, you need to ensure your call connects to the customer. If the number you are dialing out with is flagged as spam, your connection rates will plummet. Scanning your numbers is an imperative aspect of outbound calling. Caller ID Reputation will help you identify flagged numbers to remove from your outbound calling software.

If you want to have a smooth holiday in the workplace, investing in customer service callbacks is essential. It will help you retain your customers, reduce hang-ups and above all, uphold your business reputation.

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