August 16, 2023

Leveraging Lead Generation Data for the Hospitality Industry

Leveraging Lead Generation Data for the Hospitality Industry

As the hospitality industry rebounds from its losses during the COVID-19 pandemic, scammers have increasingly targeted the industry. This makes it difficult for legitimate companies to effectively communicate with guests about upcoming events, loyalty plans, and new offers.

Fortunately, hospitality organizations can help consumers feel more comfortable by leveraging the right lead generation data. This often involves collecting hospitality industry lead generation data directly from consumers, ensuring data accuracy, and improving customer engagement through caller ID.

Travel Scams Targeting Consumers

Scammers take advantage of any opportunity, and as people begin to feel safe traveling again after the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a surge in scams targeting consumers interested in travel.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has identified several travel scams designed to deceive consumers. One popular scam involves offering a free vacation, with criminals requesting credit card information for small service fees. Once scammers have someone’s credit card information, they can commit identity theft and cause significant financial damage.

Other scams offer free or discounted services for joining a “travel club.”

These and other travel scams have understandably made consumers wary of engaging with anyone in the hospitality industry, as it is difficult for them to determine who they can trust.

Collect First-Party or Zero-Party Data

The method you use to collect data greatly impacts the success of your outbound campaigns. Ideally, you should collect information directly from your leads. For example, you might ask them to complete an online form to request more information about an upcoming deal.

You can also gather reliable data by analyzing how consumers interact with your brand, including on-site purchases and social media chats.

Always obtain consent before making outbound calls to any leads.

Effective data collection methods help build trust between consumers and your brand. When a call center agent contacts someone, they can mention having obtained their contact information from an online form.

Furthermore, good data collection methods enhance your outreach campaigns by enabling you to focus on leads’ interests and tailor your messages to their demographics.

Focus on Data Hygiene

Outbound dialing campaigns should adhere to essential data hygiene practices to ensure that agents use accurate contact information and comply with industry regulations.

Failure to prioritize data hygiene can result in losing contact with potential leads. For instance, the person you intend to reach may have recently changed phone numbers. Although you can find the new number in the Reassigned Number Database, it may take time for the information to be updated.

Data hygiene is also crucial in ensuring that you do not contact numbers listed in the Do Not Call Registry.

Additionally, data hygiene helps confirm leads’ locations, particularly when they have relocated to different time zones. This confirmation makes it easier for agents to contact individuals only between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. in their respective time zones.

Use Reliable Sources for Lead Generation Data

The source of your hospitality industry lead generation data can significantly impact the success of your campaign. Reliable sources include online forms completed by leads, historical data from recurring customers, and information collected when individuals check into hotels, rent cars, or schedule flights.

If you decide to purchase leads from a third party, always scrub the list against the Do Not Call and other registries. Contacting someone who has requested not to be contacted could lead to substantial fines.

Improve Customer Engagement With Caller ID

Your brand data plays a crucial role in the success of your outbound campaign. It is essential for your correct data to appear on each customer’s caller ID screen, as inaccurate data decreases the likelihood of their answer.

You can enhance caller ID effectiveness by using branded calls that display your company name, logo, the department placing the call, and the reason for calling. Each piece of information reduces consumer anxiety, making them more likely to answer instead of dismissing your call as another scam attempt.

Improving customer engagement may not always result in immediate lead conversion. However, it helps bolster your brand reputation with that individual and potentially their social network. Presenting your hospitality company as a trustworthy and dedicated option can lead to increased sales in the future. Conversely, a negative brand reputation can hinder your chances of success.

Audit Caller IDs to Reach More Leads

Do you know how your information appears on caller ID screens? It is unwise to assume that every mobile device and carrier will display your branded data consistently.

Conducting regular audits of caller IDs ensures that people perceive your brand exactly as intended.

As of now, you can obtain screenshots of caller ID screens from various carrier networks and popular devices. Sign up for Device Cloud to audit your calls, rectify any mistakes, and enhance your brand’s identity within the growing hospitality industry.

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