December 6, 2023

Koesio Implements STIR/SHAKEN With Italtel’s Call Authentication Technology

Koesio Implements STIR/SHAKEN With Italtel's Call Authentication Technology

Consumers in the United States are not the only targets of spam, spoof, and scam telephone calls, a.k.a. robocalls. As North America adopted legislation to combat these illegal dialing practices, other countries have taken notice and begun implementing similar laws and regulations.

France introduced a version of the STIR/SHAKEN framework, but due to a lack of clarity, the legislation is difficult to enforce. But difficulties aside, one French telecommunications company recently announced its adoption of call authentication technology in partnership with an Italian cybersecurity firm.

Koesio Becomes First STIR/SHAKEN Telecom in France

Koesio, a major telecom company in France, is the nation’s first to adopt the principles of STIR/SHAKEN by sharing caller information with other telephone carriers using call authentication technology designed by Italian telecom and cybersecurity company, Italtel.

Italtel is a European leader in the fight against robocalls that has gained competence in STIR/SHAKEN protocols and subsequently built flexible yet effective solutions for telecom providers and other entities desiring compliance.

Koesio’s call authentication technology brings the telecom into full compliance with France’s Naegelen Law. This recent legislation requires all call operators and phone service providers to protect customers and clients against telecom fraud.

STIR/SHAKEN helps telecom service providers authenticate callers through an identity verification process intended to lessen caller ID spoofing incidents.

The Naegelen Law’s intent is to mimic North America’s STIR/SHAKEN protocols and its required procedures in the event of call spoofing, spam calls, known scams, or other illegal communications intended to defraud consumers.

What is the Naegelen Law?

In addition to North American STIR/SHAKEN protocols, the United States passed the TRACED Act. France followed, adopting new legislation named the Naegelen Law—but where STIR/SHAKEN and the TRACED Act clearly frame the responsibilities within the telecommunications industry, the Naegelen Law falls short.

In the United States, caution and nuance outline this progressive legislation. In France, however, regulators are scratching their heads as to exactly what’s being asked of them.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some key differences between STIR/SHAKEN and the TRACED Act in North America and the Naegelen Law in France:

  • North America: STIR/SHAKEN & The TRACED Act
  • France: The Naegelen Law
  • Broadly outlines definitions of abusive calls, calls for compliance by strict deadlines.
  • Does not provide proper guidance.
  • Enforcement of the above is delegated to sectoral regulators.
  • Sectoral regulators don’t know expectations or how/when to implement measures.
  • Incredibly detailed regarding implementation and enforcement, as well as the methods regulators must use.
  • Offers no direction or instruction for regulators.
  • Regulators must report their implementation and enforcement actions to congress.
  • Regulators don’t know what is expected or how to proceed and legally participate.
  • Each section of this Act clearly identifies public policies and how to evaluate actions within the telecom industry to ensure enforcement.
  • Doesn’t offer regulators a clear definition of policies or expectations, therefore regulators are unsure what/how to evaluate.
  • Clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of legal agencies, entities, and other levels of authority as they pertain to enforcement.
  • Lacks a clearly defined law and its implementation and enforcement structure. Even with clear definitions and methods, French officials and other authorities tend not to cooperate well.
  • Outlines exactly how sectoral regulators must self-regulate.
  • French traditional approaches do not call for, have not been outlined, and offer no guidance regarding self-regulation requirements.

Italtel Offers STIR/SHAKEN Solutions

Italtel is a leading Italian telecom company that also develops and offers cybersecurity solutions. Koesio’s call authentication technology was built by Italtel on the STIR/SHAKEN framework. The technology aims to tangibly enhance the security of telecom networks. Regulatory agencies in the telecommunications industry around the world require countries to adopt STIR/SHAKEN, and Italtel is helping countries meet these regulatory requirements.

Importance of Global Call Authentication

While North America has mandated the use of STIR/SHAKEN technology in telecoms, the majority of robocalls come from overseas, making enforcement difficult and authentication difficult and enforcement nearly impossible.

The top five countries hardest hit by spam and scam calls:

  1. Spain (24%)
  2. United Kingdom (22%)
  3. Italy (21%)
  4. France (20%)
  5. United States & Argentina (10%)

It’s thanks to legislation like STIR/SHAKEN and the TRACED Act, and subsequent compliance measures, that robocalls have lessened over the past few years—but the fight is not over.

As more countries come on board to adopt these standards, call authentication technology will expand and improve.