July 26, 2023

Is Your Branded Caller ID Accurate Between Carriers?

Is Your Branded Caller ID Accurate Between Carriers?

Robocalls and scams have made Americans distrust incoming phone calls from unknown numbers. According to data from the Pew Research Center, only 16% of Americans answer calls from unknown numbers, and only 67% say they will listen to voicemails.

Branded caller ID can help you reach more people when making calls, but it’s important to ensure that your branded caller ID information is consistent and accurate between carriers. Inaccurate information could make it harder for you to reach people who use certain carriers, third-party apps, and devices.

Fortunately, there are tools available to help you overcome this challenge.

The Benefits of Branded Caller ID Services

Branded caller ID can provide several benefits for organizations and consumers. When callers see accurate information about your brand, such as your company name, logo, phone number, and department, they feel more comfortable answering calls. This leads to increased answer rates, personalized branding that grows brand awareness, and enhanced trust with consumers, resulting in more effective communication.

Major Branded Caller ID Service Providers

When choosing a service provider for branded caller ID, consider popular and reliable options like:


Hiya works with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, providing branded caller ID services to over 97% of mobile customers in the U.S. Their Hiya Connect service allows businesses to add their names, logos, and reasons for calling to improve answer rates and customer engagement. They also offer a feature called Branded Call Intelligence that helps businesses collect and analyze data.

First Orion

First Orion offers INFORM® Branded Text Display, which allows businesses to add up to 32 characters of text on caller ID screens, including business names and department information. They also provide ENGAGE® Branded Graphic Display, which includes the reason for calling and branded imagery like logos.


TruContact Branded Call Display from Neustar and TransUnion can display your logo, reason for calling, and location. It also verifies call origins to protect organizations from call spoofing.

Issues With CNAM Caller ID That Could Damage Your Brand

While CNAM registration can help improve caller ID accuracy, it has limitations that could negatively impact your brand. CNAM relies on outdated technology that may not work well with mobile devices. Even when it does work, it may not show consumers your most current information as carriers can take weeks or months to update their CNAM databases. Additionally, CNAM has a 15-character limit, which could truncate your business name on caller ID screens and confuse consumers.

Rich Call Data Bridges the Gaps

Rich call data (RCD) bridges the gaps in service that CNAM may have. RCD uses the STIR/SHAKEN infrastructure to send consumers accurate branded caller ID information across carriers and devices.

With RCD, you can include graphics and text, such as your corporate logo, brand colors, name, department, and reason for calling. This additional information makes consumers more comfortable answering your calls. Most RCD services allow you to submit your information directly, giving you near-real-time control over your branded caller ID.

Monitoring Your Branded Caller ID

While rich call data and branded caller ID technologies provide confidence when calling customers and leads, there is still a possibility of inaccurate information being displayed on caller ID screens. To address this, Caller ID Reputation offers the Device Cloud tool, which shows you exactly what appears on caller ID displays by providing screenshots from real devices connected to popular carriers in the U.S. If you find any inaccuracies, you can audit your rich call data and submit updates to carriers and third-party apps.

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