March 30, 2022

Importance of CNAM Registration for Caller ID Accuracy

Unwanted calls have created an environment where consumers don't want to answer their phones. Consequently, businesses are struggling to reach customers—even with information that customers want. This is why CNAM registration for caller ID accuracy is so important.

Importance of CNAM Registration for Caller ID Accuracy

Caller ID Accuracy is a Necessity

No matter how large or small your business and its call center, your representatives might make hundreds of calls each day—it's important those calls are answered. While caller ID was once a luxury, it's now a necessity. In fact, your company's very reputation hangs on your caller ID accuracy. Consumers want to know a caller is actually a reputable business with verified caller ID information.

Your caller ID is your first impression to your leads. As such, it is imperative that your caller ID displays accurate information about your business. This is why CNAM registration is essential for all of your outbound phone numbers. But what is CNAM registration, and why is it so important?

Importance of CNAM Registration

CNAM is an acronym for Caller ID Name. The CNAM data is a part of public telephony identifying incoming callers with either an individual or business name. This associates the caller ID information with the phone number's registration data.

A terminating service provider retrieves the CNAM data when a customer receives a call. However, the CNAM data must first be registered to a known database the carrier can scan. This is done by the person or entity the phone number is assigned to.

CNAM Registration Creates Trust

Registering your phone numbers' CNAM data with carriers ties these numbers to your business data. This creates a level of trust with carriers when your numbers dial out. Major carriers use a database of CNAM registration data to display your caller ID's information on a phone.

Each time a carrier receives a call, it checks known CNAM databases for the calling party's phone number. If a match is found, the data is displayed on the recipient's device.

CNAM registration is important for several reasons, not the least of which is caller ID accuracy, which helps your numbers avoid flags for Spam or Scam Likely. Registering your CNAM data with the carriers is relatively straightforward.

Does CNAM Work With RCD?

Rich call data (RCD) testing is currently ongoing for implementation. While RCD will likely innovate how caller ID information transmits, it works very differently from CNAM data.

Rich call data is meant to offer an extra level of trust, gently persuading consumers to answer a phone call. RCD displays not only the caller's name but also other information, such as the caller's logo or photo.

In addition, RCD will eliminate the need for terminating service providers to query CNAM data. This provides a streamline method to transmit caller ID information through the existing call authentication framework STIR/SHAKEN employs.

Differences Between CNAM and RCD

Now, while this might sound like an updated form of caller ID, there are a couple of differences between the two:

  • Calling parties and their service providers manage RCD. It isn't fetched from a database by the called party's service provider. This offers better control of the information presented.
  • CNAM data retrieval is not a process within STIR/SHAKEN authentication, whereas RCD is part of this framework. Because RCD is an aspect of STIR/SHAKEN, it's a more accurate and more trusted method for providing caller ID information.

Currently, the receiving service provider must scan known databases for the CNAM data of a caller. This puts the burden on the end service provider to display caller ID information. As we know, this doesn't always work consistently across carriers and service providers.

With RCD, the originating service provider will provide the caller ID information through the STIR/SHAKEN authentication process. This has the potential to streamline, simplify, and provide better security with the caller ID process.

In the meantime, however, CNAM data is still the most accurate way to display your caller ID information.

Call With Confidence

Having caller ID accuracy improves confidence in your calls. Many consumers are wary and burnt out from spam calls and robocalls. Ensuring caller ID accuracy in the information displayed begins with accurate CNAM data and helps improve answer rates for businesses.

Consider these statistics:

  • 8 billion phone calls are placed each year from businesses to consumers.
  • $1 trillion of what consumers spend each year is influenced by phone calls.
  • 88% of business calls go unanswered.
  • 70% of consumers don't answer unknown calls.
  • 75% of consumers miss important calls.

On average, consumers are 88% more likely to answer a call with accurate caller ID information.

How To Get Validated Calls

Many carriers and devices are actively displaying verified calls these days. AT&T and newer Samsung devices, for instance, display a "green checkmark" next to a phone number if its authenticity is verified. But not all carriers have adopted STIR/SHAKEN yet. While there are a lot of aspects to this, including attestation rating, CNAM registration is a part of the validation process.

AT&T uses the STIR/SHAKEN protocol to authenticate its numbers. As part of the Call Protect service, AT&T is also adopting a call validation method for blocking robocalls, all of which are free for AT&T customers.

It's clear which carriers are taking spoof and spam calls seriously. Because not every carrier has adopted these protocols yet, even AT&T's verification process isn't as perfect as it could be. As the deadline for implementation has passed (June 2021), not all carriers were able to implement the necessary changes, and they have since been granted an extension till 2023.

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