July 21, 2021

Impacts of Dialing With an Incorrect Caller ID

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Impacts of Dialing with Incorrect Caller ID

Make a great first impression during outbound calls. Your call center needs to carefully monitor caller ID information to be sure your outbound campaign isn’t suffering from call labeling or other issues. Explore the impacts of dialing with an incorrect caller ID today.

What Is Call Labeling?

Call labeling is instilling consumer trust, but it can also be a roadblock if your numbers are incorrectly labeled. There are two basic types of labels to help identify call intent before your prospective customer answers the phone.

These labels, or the lack of them, help your customers feel confident about answering your outbound calls. If your numbers already have one or more of these labels applied, then you may not have the consumer trust you need.

Warning Labels

These labels strongly discourage consumers from answering a call. If you have any of these warning labels on your caller ID, you should consider purchasing new numbers:

  • Scam Likely
  • Nuisance Call
  • Fraud Risk

Intention Labels

While not as strong a discouragement as a warning label, an intention label may still detract from your outbound campaign. Unless one of these labels accurately describes your call intent, it’s best to avoid them:

  • Survey
  • Political
  • Telemarketing
  • Charity
  • And more

Impacts of Incorrect Caller ID

An incorrect caller ID isn’t just an inconvenient issue. It can negatively impact your outbound calls. Here are some of the specific ways mislabeled numbers can affect your business.

Blocked Calls

A warning label on your number will make many consumers automatically assume it’s a robocall or spam. There are several ways to stop calls with warning labels, including call-blocking apps.

Unanswered Calls

Approximately 76% of calls from an unidentified number go unanswered in the United States. This number may be even higher if your number has an incorrect warning or intention label. An unanswered call is a waste of time for your company and for your customers.

Business Reputation Damage

If a customer finds out that your number has a warning label or incorrect intention label, it can negatively affect their perception of you. Customers are wary of fraud and scam calls, and they may not realize the warning label was erroneously applied to your number.

How Caller ID Can Get Wrong Labels

An FCC report estimates that 24% of calls that were labeled were actually mislabeled. There are many numbers being used that incorrectly display warning or intention labels. The main reasons for these incorrect labels are consumer and carrier flags.

Consumer Flags

Consumers manually flag numbers that are suspicious or are known scams. This feature is helpful for building trust for reputable calls but can be applied incorrectly. Customers who continue to miss your call or refuse to answer an unknown number may incorrectly apply a flag to your legitimate business.

Carrier Flags

Carrier monitoring is another way that your numbers may receive flags. Here are some common reasons a carrier may add a label to one of your numbers:

  • Calls more than 10 times in a minute
  • Places more than 100 calls a day
  • Calls a specific amount per week

One way to minimize this risk is to swap out your direct inward dial numbers routinely. Another way is to configure your dialer to avoid overusing numbers.

Purchased Numbers Already Flagged

Be wary of bulk numbers for sale at discount prices. Purchasing new numbers for an upcoming campaign can be a successful strategy, but be sure these numbers aren’t already flagged. These recycled, ineffective numbers may be incorrectly labeled and create an ineffective campaign.

How To Prevent Incorrect Call Labels

Don’t wait until your numbers receive labels for flags. It’s very difficult to remove these, but practicing ethical dialing practices can help prevent these incorrect caller ID labels. Consider using one or more of these prevention strategies to improve the success of your outbound calls.

Register Numbers for CNAM

When you acquire new clean numbers, be sure to link these to your business. CNAM registration helps prevent incorrect flags or labels from your carrier. Be sure to check the CNAM repositories used by major carriers, as the data isn’t always consitent from one repository to another.

Swap Numbers Out For Heavy Dialing

Skilled agents in an outbound campaign can perform heavy dialing. However, carriers can flag your numbers as spam if your agents continue to call with the same number. Be sure to swap out numbers before they reach the 100 calls per day threshold.

Practice Ethical Dialing

The key to ethical dialing is to not only abide by telemarketing standards and compliance laws but to create positive customer interactions. A common cause of numbers receiving flags is a poor customer experience with an agent.

Agent training, helpful scripts, and calling practices need to follow telemarketing rules and not lead customers to believe you’re attempting to scam them.

Own Your Numbers Between Campaigns

A major campaign needs a large amount of numbers, so this is a reasonable time to purchase them for a temporary time. In between outbound campaigns, however, maintain ownership of your numbers to avoid other businesses from using them inappropriately.

Phone Number Monitoring

You may not even know your number is flagged, blocked, or labeled. Phone number scanning reveals any issues that may be affecting your calling campaign. Discover the state of your numbers before you base your outbound calls on them. Perform these same scans for any new numbers before using them.

Let Numbers Cool Off

A common mistake that incorrectly flags numbers is using a number too frequently. Swapping numbers between departments could impact your calls as well if they have labels. If you discover one or more of your numbers has an incorrect flag, follow these steps to let them cool off:

  • Determine whether the number engaged in fraudulent activity.
  • If not, then wait 60 to 90 days before reusing.
  • Wait 60 days before using a number for a new department.

Monitoring Your Caller ID

Without the right caller ID scanning technology, you may not know if you have an incorrect caller ID label or flag. Improve your outbound dialing campaign or daily calling with the help of Caller ID Reputation. Contact us to monitor your caller ID and help keep it clean.

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