October 9, 2019

How to Manage Your Reputation When Call Center Outsourcing

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Managing Call Center Outsourcing

Your customers are the most vital part of your business. For this reason, you need to maintain a high reputation to retain a significant client base. It requires vigilance, training, and having the best tools there can be. Is call center outsourcing an effective way of handling business calls? How effective is it? Besides sending calls, does it uphold the reputation of your business?

Effective Call Center Outsourcing

While outsourcing call centers provides a number of benefits, there are hurdles associated with the process as well too. While cost is generally the main factor in considering outsourcing, analyzing the pros and cons of this process should the first priority.

Benefits of Outsourcing Call Centers

  • Improves cost effectiveness.
  • Simplifies the hiring process.
  • Offers 24/7 support.
  • Increases business productivity.
  • Allows your business to focus on other departments.

Pitfalls When Outsourcing Call Centers

  • Agents may be unfamiliar with your brand or services.
  • Customer satisfaction may decline.
  • Motivating agents is more difficult remotely.
  • Cultural and linguistic barriers.
  • Potential security risks.

Developing a strategy to address potential issues early will help significantly in the outsourcing process. With the numerous benefits it associates with, call center outsourcing could be ideal for your business. However, it might be hindered by constant flagging of outgoing calls which in turn ruins your business’ reputation. Managing your reputation when outsourcing your call center is imperative to maintaining your business’ reputation.

Training Your Call Agents

If you want to maintain a high business reputation, training the call agents more often is inevitable. There are many benefits of training the call agents, from familiarizing with your brand to adapting to changes in the business environment. Below are effective ways of training caller agents;

Adopt Modern Training Methods

The way you train your call agents determines the effectiveness of the calls. If you want the caller center agents to promote a great customer experience, adopt a customer-centered training program. This training equips your caller with advanced skills and informs them about your brand.

However, there is a need to train the agents on how to identify flagged numbers. Flagging makes cold calls ineffective. Only proper training will make the call center agents realize instances of flagging.

Train Your Caller Agents Continuously

You should make training an ongoing philosophy. Call agent training should include brand voice, culture, and soft skills. Your call agents need to know how to handle outgoing calls and adapt better. Rather than a one-off occasion, make training part of your business culture.

Not all recipients like cold calls. If your agents aren’t careful enough, your business might get flagged for the wrong reasons.

Train Customer Empathy

Do you train your call agents how to show empathy and understanding to the customers? One the ways to manage your caller reputation is by demonstrating soft skills when handling calls. Not all callers have excellent customer skills, and you have to instill it through training.

Inform the Call Agents about Your Brand

When your agents show concrete understanding, customers feel secure and ready to do business. You should, therefore, train the caller what to say, and how to go about responses.

Train the caller agents how to understand the customer expectations and how to give accurate responses. Train them how to get answers to all customers’ question and maintain consistent communication. This is possible by educating them about your brand.

Promote Etiquette

Come up with caller center etiquette and guidelines that the call team should adhere to. By doing this, you will be reducing the risk of being flagged as ‘spam’ by customers. If you want call center outsourcing to work for you, it’s vital to promote personal values.

Customers always have questions, but how the call agents provide answers is the difference between an excellent brand reputation and being flagged. If you want to succeed through call center outsourcing, teach the callers how to get quick, accurate answers.

Evaluate the Call Agents More Often

Training might be insufficient if you don’t evaluate the agents’ progress. The best way to assess progress is by utilizing time analytics software. Also, analyze key performance indicators to assert the effectiveness of the call center.

Equip The Call Agents With The Right Tools

There are many tools that your agents can utilize to manage business calls. Even before outsourcing the call services, make sure you have these tools at your disposal. Below are the ultimate tools you should have for your call center team;

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

A CRM that interacts with a call center software is a great tool that you need to equip your callers with. The CRM software helps call center agents to access information about the customer’s history and the overall experience. This technology is streamlined to manage and improve a company’s interaction and relationship with customers.

With all essential data at hand, it’s easy to form a formidable relationship with your customers. There are many CRM solutions to help you enhance this relationship.

Time Analytics Software

When relying on call center outsourcing, make sure you use time analytics software to track your employee performance. A time analytics software app is a productivity tool as it helps you identify how often the caller agents are working. When installed in the call center, it increases productivity by ensuring the call agents perform their work.


A dialer is a software that can be programmed to perform a call action, either for an agent or operator. This software automatically dials phone numbers or leave recorded messages for unanswered calls.

Preview dialers give call priority depending on previous customer records. On the other hand, a progressive dialer automatically dials a number from a call list when the customer is available.

Cloud-Based Call Center Software

If you want to outsource call services, this tool might be helpful. It enables the caller agents to handle outbound, inbound, and multichannel calls efficiently. This tool helps in coordinating your team and tracking performance. Besides, you can log into the software remotely and monitor the actions of remote employees.

Caller ID Reputation

If you want to uphold a high business reputation, this tool is a must-have. Caller ID reputation enables the caller agents to identify issues of flagging. With this tool, the caller agents can scan your business numbers to determine if they have been flagged. During scanning, the flagged numbers appear as spam or “Spam Likely.”

With real-time flagging info, you can decide what to do with your numbers; either change or removing them from spam. This tool, therefore, helps protect your reputation thus safeguarding your business.

Manage Your Reputation

Upholding a business reputation is a delicate affair that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Call center outsourcing will help you handle calls and relate to customers. To achieve such success, you need to put more emphasis on training and equip your agents with tools such as Caller ID Reputation to minimize flagging of business numbers.

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