July 27, 2022

First Orion’s Branded Communication Reaches a New Milestone

First Orion's Branded Communication Reaches New Milestone

Since the implementation of STIR/SHAKEN, carriers have mistakenly labeled some legitimate business calls as “spam” or “scam.”  Even an “unknown” ID will harm your company since consumers are already on alert for robocalls. It’s likely that many of your business calls are going unanswered. 

Your company’s success depends on having the correct caller ID information displayed to your customers. Fortunately, Branded Communication from First Orion has arrived! This innovation conveys vital information to your customers, allowing them to trust your call. Your customers will be far more likely to answer your calls when you use Branded Communication. 

What is Branded Communication?

Branded Communication creates an enhanced caller ID that does more than display your business number and/or your company name. Instead. It displays your company name in full, along with custom messages to add credibility to your call. For instance, you can add the name of specific departments, such as Customer Service, to your caller ID so that consumers know who is really on the phone. 

In addition, your ID can display customized messages such as “Calling about your repair” or “Information about your prescription.” This additional information means your current customers and potential leads will feel comfortable answering your call, significantly raising your contact rates. 

Branded Communication Reaches Two-Thirds of US Consumers

A recent recent press release from First Orion about Branded Communication includes the following points: 

  • First Orion’s latest integration has made it possible to brand US calls made to 280 million mobile and landline devices – two-thirds of US mobile users.
  • First Orion’s Digital Communication Exchange functions as a single point of entry for corporations, small businesses, call centers, carriers, and resellers.
  • Branded Communication facilitates the use of rich call data and thorough business vetting.
  • First Orion client enterprises are running more than 5,000 unique calling programs.
  • Branded Communication lets businesses create custom displays that may include personalized messages as well as your company name.

Joe Stinziano, president and COO at First Orion said:

“Having the ability to brand phone calls for two-thirds of the U.S. market is a significant milestone. This latest expansion extends branded communication to even more consumers and businesses than ever before. Our Exchange platform offers businesses an easy, seamless and consolidated experience to take advantage of branded calling solutions while offering consumers trust and transparency in each phone call,”

This new technology can help businesses improve their contact and conversion percentages, which have suffered since the implementation of STIR/SHAKEN. Consumers will no longer fear that yours is a robocall or other illegitimate call when they view this enhanced messaging. 

How Branded Communication Helps Businesses

Although enhanced caller ID services are not new, they have proven to be far from ideal. Caller IDs have often been fractured between carriers, causing your business information to display differently depending on the carrier and on the call recipient’s device. This inconsistency causes confusion and increases the distrust of the consumer. 

Branded Communication solves this problem by creating a single entry point for carriers, resellers, solutions providers, and enterprises. This technology will help ensure caller ID consistency, leading to improved customer satisfaction as well as an increase in sales. 

In fact, First Orion notes that 87% of consumers won’t answer a call from an unknown number. With Branded Communication, you can expect, on average, up to a 200% answer increase. Also, your caller ID can include your logo as well as a customized message, which gives even more credibility to your call. 

Caller ID Consistency

If your company has suffered from the unintended consequences of STIR/SHAKEN, Branded Communication could help your business. By offering a single point of entry for carriers and enterprises, Branded Communication has addressed the weakness of enhanced caller ID – inconsistent messaging.

First Orion aims to unify the way caller ID information displays. By doing so, the dialing ecosystem can benefit from accurate caller IDs. This in turn improves consumer confidence in answering calls.  

Ensuring your caller ID displays consistently across carriers and devices is essential in modern dialing. Caller ID Reputation’s Device Cloud tool can display how your calls appear in real time across real devices and networks.