September 15, 2018

Does A Vanity Number Really Make A Difference?

Finding ways to differentiate your company from competitors is a significant part of scaling your business successfully. Taking the time to evaluate and improve your products and services is a great way to start. Being able to market those identifiers into a reputable brand effectively is what brings new business opportunities to your doorstep.

One way companies choose to brand themselves is by adopting a recognizable vanity number. This easy to remember phone number helps establish credibility. But is this tactic beneficial today? Here is everything you need to know about these custom numbers.

What is a Vanity Number?

Vanity numbers are custom phone numbers that use a combination of letters and numbers for easy recollection. An example of this is a number like 1-800-GOT-JUNK or 1800-GO-FEDEX. In most cases, businesses will refer to their company’s name or the services they offer when creating their vanity numbers. This tactic helps to build credibility in your brand and makes it easier for customers to remember how to contact you.

3 Reasons Vanity Numbers Are Used

There are a variety of reasons why a business would choose to use a vanity number instead of a standard toll-free number. Here are some examples why:

1) Easy to Remember

Several studies show that vanity numbers play a critical role in the recall rates of print and billboard ads. It’s easier to remember and identify different words and phrases than it is a random group of numbers. Companies also tie their phone numbers into company jingles on a radio or TV advertisement. These songs can make it even easier for you to remember how to contact them.

2) Valuable Leads

Building new relationships is one of the key components to growing your business. So when it comes to effective lead acquisition and nurturing, identifying various factors can be vital. Your identification on caller IDs, print advertisements, and digital media, are all crucial factors when creating a campaign. These factors ensure you are creating a recognizable brand with which people want to do business. Phone calls are more valuable than other forms of interaction as they can shorten the sales process considerably. Vanity numbers make interactions more memorable for customers and help support higher callback and conversion rates.

3) Trust Factor

Customers have been trained to recognize that “branded phone numbers” are typically more reliable than ones that aren’t. When it comes to customer service standards, vanity numbers let the customer know that you stand by your service. So much so even, that you’ve put your business name or associated services right in your contact number.

Marketing Your Business Successfully

When marketing your business, it’s essential that you have an effective strategy in place. A solid plan allows you to maximize your ROIs and increase overall company engagement. A great way to do this is by investing in a vanity number to help to support your marketing campaigns. These numbers give customers a natural point of reference when they want to engage with your business.


One thing that vanity numbers assist with is standing out from your competition. This case is important when using your custom phone number in promotional campaigns that feature a call to action. Whether you’re advertising online or in print, vanity numbers help your company stand out from the rest. In a recent study, custom 800 numbers were proven 84% more effective with callbacks than standard business telephone numbers.


Another area that vanity numbers can assist in is in the searchability of your products and services online. When it comes to search engine optimization, a vanity number can help get your website more exposure on Google. Google’s algorithms index your web pages and find information that its users find valuable, including business contact information. When companies brand themselves and their phone numbers, it helps to attract more business to your web pages organically. More organic visitors significantly improve new customer acquisition and conversion rates.

Brand Identity

It’s easy for your company to get lost in the countless number of competitors that offer similar products and services, common in healthcare marketing. This is why it is crucial that companies establish their brand identity and keep it consistent. Customers trust brands that maintaining consistency across multiple channels, whether in-store, online or over the phone. By having a vanity number, customers quickly begin to recognize your brand and remember it over time. The recognition helps to build trust and inevitably makes your business seem like an authority in the industry it represents.

The truth is, vanity numbers do make a big difference in the marketability of your products and services. The worlds largest companies have used vanity numbers as a way to differentiate their brands for years. This tactic continues to be an effective way to create your brand identity. Thus, supporting your marketing initiatives and leaving a lasting impression on your customers.