October 7, 2020

Carriers Roll Out Enhanced Caller ID and Call Blocking Features

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Enhanced Call Blocking Features

In the age of robocalls, carriers, app developers, third parties and the FCC are all working together to protect consumers. There’s a growing need for call authentication. Recently, many carriers and apps have begun rolling out enhanced caller ID and call blocking features for their users. The goal is to instill consumer confidence and a desire to answer their phones with assurance.

However, some of these features aren’t uniform for all businesses.

Caller ID and Call Blocking Features Being Implemented by Carriers

While there are several third-party caller ID and call-blocking apps, carriers have also developed their own call blocking features to meet the growing demand by consumers for greater protection from unwanted callers.

Verizon’s Silence Junk Callers

Announced on September 21, Verizon’s Silence Junk Callers call-blocking app is available for all Verizon’s customers whether Android or iOS. While iOS 13 was the first system Verizon implemented this feature on, the Silence Unknown Calls feature blocks all calls that are not saved in your contact list.

Verizon’s Call Filter software will attempt to detect and differentiate spam and robocalls and block only numbers seen as these categories. Any number identified as a spam call will go straight to voicemail. Any customers with iOS 14 have this feature set as default while earlier iOS and Android users must turn on the feature.

Businesses may face further battles with the implementation of these call-blocking features. Some customers may flag unwanted calls. Additionally, the app could automatically flag a call if the business uses a robodialer to initiate outgoing calls.

Google’s Verified Calls for Android Phones

Google will be rolling out what it considers to be enhanced caller ID on its phones. Though only released in the Brazilian market currently, soon customers will be able to determine if the person calling them is a business. The goal is to verify the call is coming from a legitimate business and why they are specifically calling you. Then Google can display a verified call badge on your cell phone screen. In addition to this, companies that have registered their CNAM data can display their business name and logo with the badge.

T-Mobile and Sprint roll out Caller Verified

Consumers are skeptical to answer unknown calls. With call spoofing rampant, it’s almost impossible to know if the number call you is coming from the actual business. T-Mobile and Sprint’s Caller Verified call-blocking app implements the STIR/SHAKEN call authentication framework and validates this for you. Once a number is verified as originating correctly, your caller ID will display “Caller Verified” on the screen.

This should help instill some confidence in consumers when debating to answer an unknown call. This feature currently works on a variety of devices and should function for all new devices on their networks.

Issues Persist with Call Authentication

While call authentication is the ultimate goal of STIR/SHAKEN, there are still issues that persist. Not only is carrier fragmentation an issue, but device limitations are as well. Apple for instance released STIR/SHAKEN support on iOS 13, however it is essentially useless. Calls are not verified when the caller ID is displayed but after the call is either answered to hangs up. This means consumers don’t have real time data available before answering the call.

Data fragmentation persists

In addition, while many carriers and device manufacturers are adding their own enhanced caller ID features, there is no set standard yet. This means that your business information is unlikely to appear uniform to all of your contacts across carriers and devices. Instead this will depend on their device, network and operating system. All this confusion can mean that some of your calls display properly while others do not. It’s important that you monitor your phone numbers and which carriers and devices aren’t sending your information correctly.

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