March 31, 2021

Calls Not Reaching Customers? Caller ID Could Be the Culprit

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Caller ID Could be the culprit

How can you make a killer sales call if you can’t even get to “hello?” A staggering 87 percent of consumers ignore calls from unknown numbers “often” or “very often.” And it’s all because of crossed wires. Customers hit the reject button when caller ID shows “Scam Likely” or “Spam Risk.” But the incoming call could be completely legit.

Yes, caller ID is often wrong.

Phone carriers often mistake legitimate calls for scams and spam. The unfortunate outcome is two words that damage your reputation: “Scam Likely.” When caller ID shows the wrong information, customers block numbers, answer rates decline, and profits plummet.

But it’s more than just carrier confusion. Caller ID might be wrong because of your calling habits. Too many calls per day? Scam Likely. Hiring a third party to reach customers? Yep, Scam Likely.

The only way to solve this problem is to monitor your numbers.

How Does Call Monitoring Help Your Business?

Monitoring your phone numbers is an essential process in outbound dialing nowadays. With consumer feedback, carrier blocks and call spoofing, there is no way to know how your caller ID is actually appearing unless you are monitoring your reputation.

Increase Answer Rates

Call monitoring determines which calls get through to customers and which calls end up on reject lists. Therefore, discovering the reason behind unanswered calls helps you boost answer rates in the future.

Improve Brand Reputation

Monitoring calls restore credibility, helping you win the trust of increasingly wary customers. Additionally, your answer rates will decline if your caller ID is showing incorrectly. This not only hurts your brand but your bottom line as well.

Reduce Costs Across the Board

Unanswered calls waste agents’ time and resources, resulting in lost sales. How can agents engage with customers if they can’t get through? Call monitoring provides long-term cost savings.

Maximize Operational Efficiencies

By monitoring numbers, you’ll develop strategies that improve efficiencies in your call center. No more wasted time. No more rejections. More opportunities to grow your enterprise. Undoubtedly, call center managers always struggle to save cost and enhance revenue.

What Happens If You Don’t Monitor Calls?

Not monitoring your calls can be detrimental. Side effects can range from lost opportunities, lost revenue, reputation damage and even enhanced fraud risks. Taking call monitoring seriously should be a priority in call centers during the age of robocalls. Some examples of how this effects both businesses and consumers are:

Real-Time Fraud Calls

Customers might block fraud alert calls from financial service providers because caller ID shows incorrect information. Companies like American Express, Experian, and Geico experience this all the time. Staying on top of call monitoring can help your business connect with customers when they need it the most. Failing to do so can also damage your company’s reputation.

Delivery Service Calls

Delivery drivers from ridesharing apps and home supply companies often need to call customers. But not all these calls reach customers because of mislabeled caller IDs, resulting in service delays. Brands such as Home Depot, Uber, Walgreens, and Direct TV encounter this issue.

Customer Callbacks

Customers often request callbacks from companies after purchasing a service or receiving support. When third parties make these callbacks, customers might not recognize the number or receive incorrect caller ID information. Brands like Groupon, National Debt Relief, and CarShield, and various customer service centers and outbound lead generation experience this issue. A reactive approach to call monitoring can help businesses when they notice customers are not calling back.

Customer Service Calls

Customers might receive a mistaken caller ID when service providers call to confirm or reschedule a booking or appointment. As a result, customers block numbers and miss vital services such as flights. Missed customer service calls impact brands like American Airlines and Delta and medical centers and beauty salons. Proactively monitoring your phone number reputation can help prevent these issues from occurring.

Critical Communications

Customers miss critical calls from hospitals, schools, and other organizations because of the wrong caller ID information. Without the right call authentication, customers might flag or block potentially life-saving calls. Organizations like FEMA and California Highway Patrol deal with this problem.

Why You Need to Manage/ Monitor Calls Effectively

Previously you could display the same phone number across all outbound calls, but erroneous caller ID information makes this a challenge. Recent call authentication frameworks such as STIR/SHAKEN attempt to verify your number, providing customers with additional information via caller ID. But this information isn’t always correct.

Carriers flag legitimate calls as “spam” frequently, making it difficult to reach customers. Contacting lots of customers (a common practice in call centers) causes carriers to flag numbers. And, sometimes, your dialing platform or PBX system makes the problem even worse. Carriers can even flag hand-dialed calls if you’ve set up your PBX incorrectly. The result: Missed sales opportunities and damage to your reputation.

How to Manage and Monitor Calls With Enhanced Caller ID

Enhanced caller ID provides a solution. This technology displays additional information about your brand via caller ID, providing customers with real-time insights about your business.

Enhanced caller ID looks up your business name from a national database and displays the following information (where available) to customers:

  • The name of your business
  • The name of the person calling
  • The department of the person calling
  • Your business logo
  • Other insights

All of this information instills confidence in customers and increases answer rates. Seventy percent of customers are likely to answer calls if they see the name and logo of the business that’s calling. And it’s all thanks to enhanced caller ID.

Find Out About Flagged Numbers and Restore Your Phone Number Reputation

There’s another way to instill confidence in customers: Stop getting your calls flagged. Caller ID Reputation lets you receive real-time notifications when major carriers or call blocking apps flag any of your numbers. This way, you can take swift action and restore your reputation.

Many companies lose out on valuable sales because they presume customers receive their calls. But they are unaware carriers have blocked their numbers, preventing customers from even seeing them.

Do you want to scan your numbers across all major carriers and call blocking apps? Caller ID Reputation offers a proactive monitoring tool for outbound sales and customer service calls. Restore your phone number reputation today.

Before You Hang Up

Declining answer rates might have nothing to do with agent performance but problems with caller ID. Carriers can flag your calls as spam without you knowing about it, causing all kinds of issues and jeopardizing your reputation. Using technologies like enhanced caller ID and Caller ID Reputation’s proactive monitoring solution helps you get back to what you do best: Making outbound sales and customer service calls.

See how Caller ID Reputation® can support your business!