June 30, 2021

Call Center Software Mismanagement Can Ruin Your Outbound Campaign

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Call Center Software Misconfiguration

It doesn’t take a major issue to ruin your outbound campaign. Something as simple as improper call center software configuration can cause frustrated customers, blocked outbound calls, and a damaged business reputation. Learn how to avoid common management mistakes as you improve your outbound calling campaign.

ACD Settings Issues

Your automatic call distributor, or ACD, helps your customers find answers. It also reduces the workload for your agents by allowing them to provide relevant solutions with fewer transfers. However, mismanagement of this system can create unnecessary customer transfers.

Unnecessary Customer Transfers

The call transfer rate is a key performance indicator for your call center. If your ACD isn’t managed properly, it won’t connect customers with the agent who can best answer a particular question. This often results in dropped calls, frustrated customers, and a higher call transfer rate percentage.

Work with a call center software provider who can help you create an easy-to-navigate menu for customers. A few questions and answers should connect individuals with the right department or agent on your team.

CRM Features Mismanagement

Another area of call center software mismanagement lies in customer relationship management or CRM. A CRM should integrate chat, email, and dialer features to streamline customer information. No one should be on hold while an agent accesses case history or account details. Streamline your CRM features to avoid these areas of mismanagement.

Ignoring Contact History

Your team has multiple forms of contact. By offering email, phone, and chat features, you make it convenient for customers to contact your support team and receive helpful information from your agents.

Unfortunately, all of these forms of contact can easily feel disconnected. When the same customer reaches out to your team through email and chat, or chat and a phone call, you need a CRM system that offers synchronized management solutions.

Properly configured call center software immediately connects these forms of communication to create a detailed contact history. When your customer calls and provides a name or account number, your agent should be able to access all previous questions, answers, and issues to avoid asking for the same information multiple times.

Not Following Up

Do your callers receive the answers they’re looking for? Many call centers don’t know their call success rate. That’s because they aren’t prepared for follow-up calls as part of their outbound campaign.

Use a CRM system that allows for automated reminders or outbound messages to customers. An outbound call or email is a great way to inquire whether a customer is satisfied with a solution or is frustrated and looking for support elsewhere. You can personalize the message by setting up a reminder for an agent to call a customer, or you can create an automated message that follows up with any questions.

Callback Options Not Available

If you have high call abandonment rates, it’s time for call center software that provides callback options. This common mismanagement problem may be the cause of increased abandonment rates or reduced overall customer satisfaction.

Provide customers with a way to enter their number and keep their place in a queue. This gives them the freedom to go about their day and relax while waiting for your team to call them back. Wait time may be unavoidable, but you can improve the way customers feel about long waits.

IVRs and AI Not Synced

Two tools like IVR and AI are crucial to include as part of your call center software strategy. Without synchronizing these tools, you may miss out on ways to reduce queue times and improve customer satisfaction.

IVR works to field common questions and direct calls effectively. AI can dramatically improve the range of responses if you’re fielding a diverse range of questions. Support your IVR with the latest AI to offer more answers, handle more queries, and create a more personalized caller experience.

Sending Customers in Endless Loops

Not only do you limit the queries your IVR can field, but failure to link these two systems can create an endless loop. Your IVR directs callers to an AI system, which reroutes them to the IVR. The result is an endless loop that never reaches a live agent or answers a question.

Dialers Misconfigured

Your outbound dialer management affects your company’s reputation and your ability to connect customers with the information or products they need. A misconfigured dialer can create a delay between the customer picking up the phone and your agent picking up the phone. Failure to have a live agent ready to speak on the line of an outbound call creates a frustrating experience for your prospective customers.

In addition, this can lead to higher rates of flags on your phone numbers. If a customer answers a call before a live agent connects, they are significantly more likely to flag or block your phone number.

Phone Number Mismanagement

The numbers you use, and your caller ID, affect how customers perceive your outbound campaign and your company as a whole. With mismanaged phone numbers, your company may be seen as a scam or spam risk. This can happen when you use flagged numbers, overuse numbers, or use the same numbers with different departments.

Dialing With Flagged Numbers

Use call center software that can monitor phone numbers to protect your reputation. Be careful where you purchase numbers, or you may use ones that are flagged as likely spam. Also remember that customers may have already blocked some flagged numbers.

When you purchase new numbers, make sure to scan them before integrating them into your dialing cycle. Additionally, it is a good idea to frequently scan your phone numbers for any new flags.

Dialing Too Heavily With the Same Numbers

Even if your numbers aren’t already flagged, your actions could still cause them to be automatically flagged or blocked. Use call center software that monitors your calls per hour. Don’t use the same number more than 100 times per day because apps or networks may consider it a robocaller and automatically flag it.

Reusing Numbers Across Departments

Even your customer service numbers can be flagged or blocked if overused. Manage your phone numbers the right way and avoid using them across multiple departments. Too many outbound calls from various departments can affect the reputation of your numbers.

A collections department for example may have a higher chance of having customers flag their numbers. If they share numbers between sales and support, your agents may not be able to reach your customers. Make sure each department has unique numbers to dial from to avoid any potential cross department issues.

Managing Your Outbound Campaign Software

Use these tips and warnings to avoid major outbound campaign mistakes. Your agents and campaign may be exceptional, but misconfigurations in your software has the potential to ruin your reputation. Make sure your software has the proper configurations to help your agents and business succeed.

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