June 2, 2021

Boost Your One Call Close Rates With These Tips

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Boost One Call Close Rates

Every sales agent wants to have high one-call close rates. It means they have the skill to quickly reach their customers and sell them on the qualities of your product. To get this level of closure, agents must have innate sales ability but also the right training. You can improve one-call close rates if you equip your agents with superior sales tools.

How Agents Can Improve Their Closing Rates

The one-call close can show how effective your sales agents are, although there are other factors. But a one-call close means an agent spends less time converting their prospects, which allows them more time for other clients. Consider the following tips to raise your agents’ closing rates:

Follow the Sales Process

Managers often plan the sales process to suit each campaign, designing the process so it leads the prospect to the sale. Talented agents may want to improvise during these sales calls because they have excellent people skills. In reality, they are more likely to close the sale in one-call if they follow your carefully planned process.

Learn Your Scripts

The same concept applies to scripts. A good sales script contains all the elements for closing an outbound sale. When your agents abandon the script, they will close fewer sales.

That’s not to say agents can never go off-script. Sometimes a situation calls for a fresh approach. Your more experienced salespeople can judge when altering the script is necessary, while your newer agents are almost always better off sticking to the script.

Find Who Has the Buying Power

Your agents must do more than connect with a prospective client. Once they are on the call, they need to find out who is in charge of purchases. For example, one of the adult partners is often in charge of these decisions for families. If the call is to a business, your agent may reach a gatekeeper and need to be transferred to the person in charge. In some companies, your agent will have to deal with multiple people who must sign off on the purchase.

Build Meaningful Relationships

Talented sales agents can build relationships quickly and over the phone. That is no simple task, but you can help your employees develop the skill and, as a result, get more one-call closes.

Teach your agents how to use empathy and compassion with their prospects to help close sales. When they listen to a customer’s concerns and problems, your agents get a better understanding of how your product or service can benefit them. As a bonus, increased empathy and compassion can make someone a better and more helpful person.

Management Tips to Improve One-Call Close

As a call center manager, it is your responsibility to equip your agents. You can accomplish this goal by providing them the best training and tools possible.

Refine Your Lead Lists

When you give out bad lead lists, you ruin your campaign’s chance to be successful. To prevent this issue, scrub your lists before you even consider them for a campaign. Instead, use recycled leads or qualified leads to increase the chance of your agents landing a one-call close. Agents often lose up to 67% of sales because no one properly qualifies the leads, so this task must be a priority.

Selecting the Right Dialer

Your dialer configurations help close sales as well. A preview dialer lets your agents build a more meaningful relationship with clients, an essential factor in a one-call close. A preview dialer also arms them with pertinent information before they make the call. Then your agents can more quickly and confidently establish a rapport with the prospect.

If you focus on higher call volume, consider using a predictive dialer instead. Your agents will interact with the highest number of prospects possible but are less able to establish a relationship with them.

Training Your Agents With Empathy

Research shows that empathy and emotional intelligence are becoming some of the most popular trends in sales. Consumers are already frustrated with an onslaught of robocalls, so your calling agents will probably face animosity on many calls. But empathy can change the course of the conversation.

Empathy is the ability to imagine another’s situation and emotions. Most people can be empathetic, especially if they receive training in this area. If your agents can understand why their prospect is frustrated, they have the chance to defuse the situation. Sometimes just saying, “Tell me why you are upset,” can do the trick.

Monitor Your Phone Number Reputation

You can wreck your agents’ chances for success if you do not monitor your phone numbers’ reputation. Remember, your caller ID acts as a first impression for your leads. If a label shows up as “scam likely” or “fraud risk,” potential customers will probably not answer the phone. If they do, they may waste your agent’s time because they are already wary of your company. It’s your job to make sure that you own your numbers and that your agents aren’t calling on flagged or blocked numbers.

Equipping Your Calling Agents

You can increase your agents’ one-call closes by providing them with the right training and tools. Your agents should follow the sales script, but they have greater chances of success when you offer them an interesting and effective script in the first place. And while you can urge your agents to build client relationships, you need to give them the right equipment to do so, such as a preview dialer. The one-call close should not be a white rhino. It should happen regularly and to many of your agents.

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