May 15, 2024

Benefits of Proactive Caller ID Monitoring

Benefits of Proactive Caller ID Monitoring

If your company makes hundreds of outgoing calls daily, you know how important it is to achieve optimal answer rates — and your caller ID has a lot to do with that.

To reach consumers, you must ensure your caller ID is accurate — that’s step one. If you ignore this step, most calls will go unanswered, directly impacting business growth.

Research shows that at least 75% of consumers are unlikely to answer unknown calls. They will screen calls at the very least — so proactive caller ID monitoring is imperative when aiming to reach consumers and improve answer rates.

Here’s what you need to know to protect your reputation and build consumer trust.

How Caller ID Monitoring Protects Your Business

In modern dialing, you must:

  • Protect your business against bad actors
  • Maintain compliance standards
  • Ensure consistency with consumers

This checklist becomes possible when you invest in proactive caller ID monitoring. After all, if your ID is inaccurate or flagged, you could damage your dialing reputation, miss out on opportunities, and reduce consumer trust. All of these consequences can hinder your company’s success and growth.

Identify Spoofing Attempts

Security is a top concern in modern business. Increasing phone scams, from threatening IRS calls to fake charities, require businesses to take proactive steps — especially since the rise of call spoofing.

Unfortunately, bad actors often use call spoofing to deceive consumers. These scammers change their caller ID to show a real business phone number. Sometimes, this tactic is paired with data breaches to pinpoint vulnerable customers — this combination of stolen customer data and smart software fools millions of Americans. However, it’s not just the recipients who are affected — businesses are, too.

If your numbers are spoofed, they will likely be flagged, and consumers will block your calls.

The solution? Early detection through caller ID monitoring can help your business resolve these issues and notify your customers of potential threats. Monitor your outbound numbers to ensure your number is not being flagged as spam.

Reinforce Dialing Behavior

Spoofing is not the only explanation if your business phone number is flagged while monitoring calls — it may be the techniques your team members use. In fact, improper dialing behavior is the leading cause of blocked calls for legitimate businesses.

Contact centers that do not engage in ethical dialing behavior will receive flags on their phone numbers from annoyed consumers.

Again, proactive caller ID monitoring will help you identify these flags early so that you can alter your dialing tactics, behaviors, and overall approach. In addition to outbound calling compliance, avoid all unethical dialing practices.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Think of your caller ID as an extension of your branding, so you should strive to ensure accuracy across varying networks and devices.

Since caller ID displays are inconsistent across devices and networks, you’ll want to see how they display for varying consumers. Caller ID Reputation’s Device Cloud can help you do that. This solution allows you to monitor how your caller ID displays on real devices and networks, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Ting.

Auditing your calls this way will help improve accuracy and consistency.

Consumer Benefits of Caller ID Monitoring

If your caller ID isn’t accurately displayed, customers can miss calls from your company, resulting in lost business.

Consumers who see an “unknown” caller on their phones are unlikely to answer. That is because the likelihood that these calls are scams, spam, or nuisance calls is high.

The main benefit of caller ID monitoring concerning consumers is building trust. When your caller ID is accurate, customers feel confident answering the phone, building a positive relationship with your business. Following best practices ensures that when you call, and consumers take note of your caller ID, your company will be recognized for its positive dialing behavior and agent ethics.

Improve Answer Rates

Recent research supports the idea that consumers will screen unknown calls.

The data shows that three-quarters of Americans will never answer calls from unknown numbers. However, another report estimates this figure to be closer to 90%.

Again, optimal call management practices can help you achieve higher answer rates, supporting business growth. These practices include:

  • Pay attention to your attestation rating
  • Engage in proper dialing habits, which requires proper agent training
  • Follow all compliance regulations
  • Ensuring regular caller ID monitoring

Reduce Blocked Calls

Blocked calls can harm your business, damaging your reputation and operations.

From a consumer’s perspective, it’s easy to see how that could lead to frustration. If carriers block your business calls, consumers may feel you’re ignoring them. From a business perspective, blocked numbers can severely hamper your outreach attempts, which can have devastating effects on lead generation.

Identifying blocked numbers via proactive caller ID monitoring can allow your business to fix this issue with carriers and analytics engines.

The best approach is to monitor, manage, and mitigate your business numbers. Monitoring helps you determine whether you’ve been flagged; managing your numbers keeps them in good standing, and mitigating flags via ethical dialing practices and regulatory compliance lets you minimize risks.

So, while there are remediation steps you can take, resolving issues surrounding blocked calls begins with proactive caller ID monitoring. This knowledge will allow you to identify blocks, remediate dialing habits, and address flags with carriers.

Protect Your Caller ID Reputation

Proactive caller ID monitoring ensures your calls aren’t filtered or blocked, encouraging a strong brand reputation.

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